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Oct 032008
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The current recession creates panic through the interminable doomsday scenario exploited by the media, the asinine attitude of our leaders, who have lost sense of their mandate, and every one’s panic and confusion. This environment will instantly summon the worse enemies you could face: Your Inner Enemies. These Shadows are aspects of your psyche that carry your:

· inherited fears and fear-based myths,

· negative beliefs,

· control issues,

· toxic and pent-up emotions and

· fear-based defensive strategies

These inherited defense strategies are not efficient. They are:

· Based on fear, and therefore vibrate to fear and attract fear, making your vulnerable to sensationalism, doomsday visions, worst case scenarios and panic.

· Defensive in nature, and therefore place you in the position of victim, giving away your power.

· Learned dysfunctional reactions based on false beliefs, fears and limitations from your family of origin, community and culture.

· Addictive illusions of control that get triggered whenever you feel out of control. They are addictive because they are illusions. They are illusions because you are not in control, but in panic.

The only way to regain control over self is by a process of release that I call Free from Fear! Here are four simple steps that are part of a more complete process.

1. Accept your feelings, including fear, confusion, anger and frustration. Denying your emotions blocks the Law of Attraction and disempowers you.

2. Love and accept yourself unconditionally in spite of these feelings, without judgment. When you judge yourself you turn your anger inwards or towards your loved ones. You also feel incompetent and powerless.

3. Release your illusion of control over others. When you try to control others or your circumstances, you give your power away. You can only change yourself. Accepting that frees your energy and focuses your intention; and

4. Detach from your fear-based beliefs, embodied by your Inner Enemies. These “voices” get triggered, unleashing a series of old defensive and fear-based thoughts that can send you into a panic. Detach from these voices, the feelings and the beliefs they trigger.

Once you have gone through this process, you experience a self-centerness and empowerment that free your ability to tap into The Source. You can access your intuitive knowledge, seek useful information to make a wise decision and activate the flow of the Law of Attraction in your life.

While this process is an emotional process that may take some time, here is an easy action that you can take to neutralize those Inner Enemies that get hook up with negativity and fear and magnify the worse-case scenarios.

Spot the Trigger Words and create a Release Word

Your Shadows were created based on prejudices, limitations and experiences in your childhood or youth. They carry a lot of baggage. Whenever anyone throws a word, thought, belief or emotional scenario that triggers these inherited beliefs or attitudes, Pop! goes the Shadow. Once triggered, this Inner Enemy repeats the old beliefs, thoughts, feelings and expectations, trapping you in your inherited limitations.

Here’s what to do. As you hear news, read information, watch the presidential debates and so forth, develop your Huntress’ skills. Have an ear out for the words or scenarios that make your breath stop and trigger fear. Try to spot at least 7 key Trigger Words.

Create a Release Word that acts like a counter-trigger. This word, phrase or thought elicits your dream, faith, power and strength and emotionally dissolves the negative scenario. The important thing about the Release Word is that it transforms the negative emotion into a positive one. Replace the negative scenario with the positive one emotionally.

Your Release Word may dispel fear, replacing it with peace or detachment. It can also change the meaning of the Trigger Word. Here is a set.

Trigger Word

Release Word


What they mean is that we need new solutions. Yeah! It’s about time! Let’s make them good ones this time.

In this re-writing, you are taking the scary charge of the unknown and focusing on the possibility of new solutions that will work better for you, and you are giving yourself an active role.


I receive the opportunities God sends me.

In this re-writing, you are surrendering to God and placing your faith as antidote to your fear. You are also re-defining the situation as an opportunity.


I stand tall as a tree, and find support in earth and heaven.

In this re-writing, you are physically and emotionally affirming your connection to the source of all abundance, Earth Mother. You are giving yourself feelings of trust and positive sensations that are the opposite of collapse.

Every time you hear the Trigger Word (or scenario) and begin to panic, start breathing slowly and deeply and counteract with your Release Word.

In the I-Ching, the meaning for “Emergency” is the same as for “Emergence.”

Tracking down the triggers that activate your Inner Enemies and shifting these negative voices by summoning your faith, trust, personal strength, values, creativity, humor and positive expectations will allow you to transform this crisis into an opportunity.

To close this article, I threw my I Ching Coins to answer the question below. I share the counsel.

How do I face financial crisis, and deal with change?

Hexagram 27
Providing nourishment

Beneath the immobile Mountain the arousing Thunder stirs:
The Superior Person preserves his freedom under oppressive conditions by watching what comes out of his mouth,

as well as what goes in.
Endure and good fortune will come.
Nurture others in need, as if you were feeding yourself.

Take care not to provide sustenance for those who feed off others.

(Could this refer to the bail-out?)

Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

PD: For a deeper understanding and more tools to track down, neutralize and transform your Inner Enemies into allies, you can subscribe to my upcoming Hunt Down the Inner Enemies of your Success(tm) seminar series (Home Study Course included.) Just email me and I’ll put you in the waiting list.

Maria Mar is a writer, visual artist, life coach and book writing coach and an internationally known shaman, as well as a dance-theatre performer. Maria has been featured in PBS and BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190. In the Free from Fear! Digital Kit, you will find a complete handbook with more practices and audio meditations to release fear and stress and to act from your place of power. If you are interested, just subscribe to www.catcthedreamexpress.com, and you’ll receive a note when the kit comes out. Maria Mar also offers a live performance/lecture in which she teaches the Free from Fear! process through entertaining and engaging performance and audience participation. Contact Maria Mar if you are interested in having her perform or lecture at your place. Maria Mar also offers the Dream Kit, a guided journey through obstacles that supports the manifestation of your Dreams.

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Fear, Recession and the Law of Attraction

  • Article 1 below, lets you know how fear blocks your power to create change and to find solutions. It offers simple practices to release fear.

  • Article 2 reveals how fear triggers the voices of your Inner Enemies and how to neutralize these fear-based defenses to avoid being manipulated.

  • Article 3 inspires you to vibrate to healthy wealth. It also guides you to expand your vibration and consciousness to encompass our nation and the world in a vibration of healthy wealth and harmony, so that we can quickly transform this crisis into positive change.

  • Article 4 helps you reclaim your power and peace of mind through balanced actions.

  • Resources: This session include practices, alternative news and analysis, events and resources to enable you to make sound decisions, stay calm and peaceful and keep walking on your prosperity path.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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