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May 272012
Your measures of success
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Do your measures of success help you to feel successful?

Most people are trapped in a conundrum that makes success improbable, if not impossible. They are using measurements for they success that do not and cannot make them feel successful. In fact, the measures they are using are more likely to make their success invisible! This article presents Seven Sacred Measures of Success that will help you to feel successful today and every day.

The first Success Secret you need to know.

Success is a feeling, not a result.

That’s right. It may seem crazy, but it’s a fact. If you do not FEEL successful, then you are going to perceive yourself a failure, no matter what you accomplish. But if you FEEL successful, you know in your heart that you are worth good results, and you will get them. In the meantime, however, you won’t be afraid to approach powerful allies, present yourself with dignity and place yourself among the leaders in your industry.

You will do this because you FEEL successful, no matter where you are. In doing so, you place yourself in the path to achieve the results you want. Even then, these results don’t make you feel bigger, because you do not measure your value by them. This empowers you, no matter what your external situation is.

Trapping the Bird of Freedom

Most of us are trained from early on to determined our success by other people’s approval. This approval, in turn, is dictated by the beliefs, standards and myths of a family, culture and time.

We grow up and may expand our vision, but our psyche is still secretly measuring our success by old standards that may not really indicate our happiness or fulfillment.

I’ve talked with artists, leaders and professionals who are contributing great value to the world and to the people around them. Yet, they did not FEEL like a success. One of the reasons for this incongruence between their actions and their feelings is that they are unconsciously measuring success by standards that are not in integrity with their conscious beliefs and values.

The best way to be a success is to choose measures of success that reflect what makes you happy, what is meaningful to you and what is in harmony with your life purpose and Unique Essence.

Your ultimate success is the freedom to be your true self and express your Unique Essence, your soul. False measures of success trap the bird of freedom inside limitations while the Sacred Measures of Success prune its wings.

Seven Sacred Measures of Success

There are seven Sacred Measures of Success that can help you release these old, ineffective and self-sabotaging measures of success and give you nurturing ways to understand and value your success every day. Let’s examine them briefly.

In the Success Seed Audio Meditations, I take you in a shamanic journey to absorb this measures into your psyche, so that your old values don’t steal your success.

First Sacred Measure of Success: PRESENCE

Your Presence in the world is the physical, emotional and energetic expression of your Unique Essence. This is NOT about what you do.

Answer this question:

When you enter a room full of people, how does your presence impact them?

Second Sacred Measure of Success: CHOICE

There are two type of choices: Habit-choices and Free-choices. When you simply react to life from old scripts of interpretations, expectations and beliefs, you are making Habit-choices. They tend to repeat the past and limit the present.

Free-choices, on the other hand, are creative, free responses that allow you to flow with the streams of possibilities, guidance, opportunities and allies that life constantly presents you. Free-choices grow the Success Seed pulsating in your soul.

Third Sacred Measure of Success: INFLUENCE

You are surrounded by different circles, each indicating a degree of intimacy and expanding as they grow, from family and friends, to clients or students to audiences, to your nation and beyond. How you influence these circles is a strong measure of success. This measure is not necessarily about quantity, but about quality. Hitler affected many people, but his influence was destructive. Yet, there are many people in this world that bring great value to those around them and in doing so, even if they are not famous, touch thousands of people and can alter the course of history.

Fourth Sacred Measure of Success: INNER WARS

This is a very messy measure of success that is best approached non-judgmentally. You are brought up in polarity. Things like love and power, money and spirituality, freedom and acceptance may be waging war inside you. It is the way of learning in this Earth dimension. The way you wage these wars, how impeccable you are, is your measure of success.

Exercising courage, resilience and wisdom and refusing to settle for any extreme, will lead you in the path to master the Art of Paradox.  Your progress in this path is a powerful measure of life mastery. Freedom, growth and evolution have been grown in human history by people who master the Art of Paradox. They are usually called geniuses!

Fifth Sacred Measure of Success: INNER VICTORIES

Your Inner Victories, tiny and invisible as they are, are powerful measures of success. They are your spiritual credibility. Do you walk your talk? Only you know that. Not any marketing, PR or other appearance can mask your truth to yourself. But you cannot ignore your Inner Victories in favor of what others see, because others can’t see your Inner Victories. Yet, they are the seed of Authentic Success.

You may become famous and rich with cosmetic measures of success. With good PR and marketing, there are many “gurus” out there preaching to the masses. But when crisis come, when you loose everything, get sick or face your limits, only you will know if you are genuine. And this will make or break your greatest triumph.

The Inner Victories are measured in these units:

  • The degree of Inner Peace within you.
  • The degree to which you learn the lesson in each situation.
  • The degree to which you unearth your Personal Strength from your emotional wounds.
  • The tools, experience and skills you acquire to carry out your life purpose.

Sixth Sacred Measure of Success: SERVICE

The sixth measure of success is service. It measures HOW you deliver your life purpose. The units of this measure include the actions, emotions, intentions, words and thoughts that you employ in order to deliver your life purpose.

There are two types of services:

  • Grand Service: It is an act of service that may seem great and help many people, but it is not rooted in genuine practice and love. Put to the test, that tree will crumble.
  • Boundless Service: At the beginning, this act seems small. It may benefit just a small group of people. But it is deeply rooted in love, gratitude, joy and genuine practice. This tree may grow slowly, but it will whether any storm. It will find those meant to benefit from it.

Seventh Sacred Measure of Success: EXPANSION

This is the measure of your overall growth. This is not about how much more money, fame or clients you have gained. It is deeper, more powerful than that. You see, external gains can be lost in a second. But the power gained by genuine expansion cannot be taken from you. It will generate abundance constantly, no matter what your circumstance is.

Your expansion is measured by how much more open your mind has become, how much freer and expansive your perception is now and how much more of the Divine, vast universe can now enter your consciousness.

Use these seven Sacred Measures of Success to develop Authentic Success, one that comes from within and fulfills your innermost craving.

If you would like to EXPERIENCE these measures, then below you will find my Success Seed Shamanic Journey, three audio meditations that will take you through these transformation.



Success Seed Journeys Audio Meditations
Artist-shaman Maria Mar has created this three-step shamanic journey for spiritual, creative people who want to achieve Authentic Success; a success that comes from within and honors their soul, their uniqueness and their life purpose.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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