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Jan 092014
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Why is it that most people cannot change old habits or create new realities, no matter how hard they try?

Because they strive to change the circumstances ONLY through what I call External Actions. These are actions taken to change the circumstances around a person: other people, the environment, the situation, the outcomes.

But your problem, no matter how external it looks, is not in the circumstance. The source of most problems is at the core of your being. That’s why, faced with similar circumstances, some people thrive and others go under.

In ancient shamanic wisdom, the facade of reality is akin to a mirage; called Maya in sanskrit. You may believe that the reality you see is solid and objective, but it is Maya because it is the result of your perceptual lenses.

Let’s say that a yellow taxi cuts off in front of you, making you stop your car abruptly. How do you see this reality? If you learned to see yellow as the color of death, as some cultures do, you will instantly feel scared and ready yourself for something bad to happen. If you’ve learned to see yellow as the color of joy and love, as some cultures do, you may get excited at the prospect of a pleasing surprise. If in your culture taxis are the emissaries of the God that opens the roads, you will expect good fortune, perhaps with a warning to slow down. And so on.

Your perceptual lenses, based on your Personal History, culture and Family Karma, color your reality.

As above, so below

It is commonly said that it’s not the situation, but how you respond to it that defines the outcome. In this post I’m going a little deeper… literally. It is not just that your perception colors your response and your response changes the outcome.

The source of that external problem is deep inside you, no matter how contrary to your desires and intentions it may seem.

There’s a Chinese proverb that alchemists embrace: “As above, so below.” It could also be stated like this:


Thinking is highly overrated

Many who understand this alchemy strive to change their thoughts in order to change their limitations.

They use thought awareness and affirmations for this purpose.

Though your thoughts are part of the universe within you, they are not where your old programming is embedded. If you can think it consciously, it’s probably not a program.

Old beliefs, learned limited interpretations and habitual expectations are usually embedded so deep into your subconscious that you are not aware that you are running them in the background, even when they are controlling you.

Changing your thoughts is an Internal Action, and that’s a step in the right direction. An Internal Actions is a process, emotion or intention that touches and changes the energy patterns within you.

Your conscious thoughts, however are  but the periphery of your inner world.


What’s missing?

Your truth is in your body.Your emotions are spiraling, dancing, flowing; moving towards your healing and liberation, shaking off the chains of old perceptions, even as they respond to old stimulus.

Your emotions are energy in motion, and thus they flow towards evolution and loosen up the old patterns, in spite of reacting to the Maya in those patterns.

Inside those inherited energy patterns, the energy is congealed. These patterns are like old neighborhoods with electric fences (learned limitations) that shock you (fear-based emotions) each time you try to leave that tiny parcel of belief.

Inside each electric fence, there is an old tiny house: a piece of your Personal History.

Each Tiny House of the Past is protected by a dog called RAS (the Reticular Activating System). This dog focuses your attention and protects your learned reality from anything new and unknown, which it perceives as dangerous. RAS does  not let anything new walk through that fence, especially if it does not resonate with your self-identity.

Here’s the bottom line:

This is not a logical, conscious phenomena. It is an emotional, vibrational, intentional, energetic and spiritual phenomena. (Unlike will power, intention is not of the mind. It is of the Soul. Your Intent originates in your Soul, not in your mind.)

But how?

Listen to your body’s truth. Listen deeply in breath, in touch, in stillness, in silence, in subtle movement meditation. Listen to your sensations and emotions, to the moods and textures of the images your body produces. Your body will take you in a journey past your reactions, through your thoughts, beneath your sensations, underneath your emotions, beyond your conscious mind to your BodySoul.

The Art of Shapeshifting Reality

Your BodySoul is the place where your body speaks and expresses the truth, intent and wisdom of your Soul.

In the journey to your BodySoul, you will go through  many dimensions; but they are all masks.

  • Your Primary Responses and sensations
  • Your Primary Thought Patterns and memories
  • Your Primary Emotions

All these primary processes are inherited layers in your psyche. Primary means that it is your first and consistent response. Your Primary Emotion, for example, is the emotion that first arises in you most consistently. It may be fear or anger, compassion or contraction.

I call the collection of these primary layers of response and perception the Mask of Self.

Once you go through these acquired inner realities, you will be able to dive deep into your Core Self.

There you can touch the truth pulsating in your Soul. Your body will show you:

  • What is that truth
  • What hinders that truth
  • Where that truth leads, and
  • How to embody it.

Many of us barely touch this Core Self.  We immediately coil away in fear.

We escape our innermost being because it is a stranger to us. It is a mystery. It threatens the Primary Identity we’ve created with the Mask of Self. That’s what we’ve learned to call “I” and when that mask peels off, we feel empty of self, as if we were disappearing.

Yet, it is at this very moment that we are triumphantly emerging from the many layers that have been painted over our True Self, a being that already is the dream we so painfully chase.

Do not be afraid. When you enter your BodySoul and touch your Core Self, you are in the Path of Freedom.

You are going beyond Maya to immerse yourself in the vibrational pattern within you that is creating the problem. Your BodySoul is revealing the purpose of that problem in the Sacred Design of your Life.

It is then that the problem stops being a problem and becomes a passage to your True Self.

Want to try it?

I know this may be hard to accept by your logically-trained mind, which may still be trapped in the myth of “objective reality.” But if you have tried enough times to change the things around you and it’s not working, why not give this new perception a chance?

If you finished reading this, your Soul may have recognized the truth in these words, even if you’ve never experienced it before or do not fully comprehend it. If you’ve come this far, you may be ready for the journey.

Pre-register for the next Shapeshift into your Dream Shamanic Journey and I will take you in a journey to experience the Art of Shapeshifting Reality by connecting to your BodySoul.



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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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