Dec 082011
Bad habit or addiction? Find the Difference and Break Free

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is a three-part series. This is the first part.  Use tabs above to read the series. The difference between a bad habit and an addiction, from a shamanic point of view, is the difference between falling into a trap and being eaten by the one who set the trap. While a habit traps you in the past, an addiction devours you, until there is no present or future. This article shows you how. Habits or Freedom: Do you have the awareness to choose? From a shamanic point of view, there are two types of choices: Free-choice and Habit-choices. Free-choices are only possible when you live consciously. Living consciously means that you are aware of the forces behind your daily choices and you are responsible for creating the choices you want. You are aware of the hidden beliefs behind your limitations and you consciously make choices to break through those limitations and express your Unique Essence and your potential. You are living consciously when you become aware of how the forces from the past are influencing your present and when [Read more.]