Feb 142011
MagicMark your Life with Maria Mar

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Dream Alchemist lends you a hand! Hello beautiful dreamer, If you are a creative, spiritual being and you suddenly feel a strong pull to transform your everyday routine into a life that you can love and expresses your Unique Essence, you are not alone. There is a Dream Revolution going on. It is part of the changes we are experiencing for 2012 and beyond. The longing you feel is your heart’s wisdom. And your heart steers you right, for we can no longer procrastinate. Each and every one of you is an essential part of this huge shift that humanity is experiencing. When you release your fear and walk into your dream, you have a massive impact in every one you touch. Think of how many other persons are touched, as those you love and encounter pass on the gift. The MagicMark your Life(tm) community is a place to support you and to help bring about the human and planetary revolution that will evolve us part survival, fear and war into a life of creative brilliance, courage and collaboration. [Read more.]