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Nov 172009
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Soul means deep, slow and close to the heart

Part of the Series Dance with the Music of Life

By Maria Mar©2009


This is Part 1 of the Series Dance with the Music of Life. Click here or at the end to see the other parts.


Listen to The Blues. Sing with a cantaor in a Cante Jondo. Grab your partner and groove to a Bolero.

The rhythm is slow. The words come from the depth of the artist’s soul, resonating with yours. The meaning is not in your head. It’s in your heart.

That’s the first and most basic rhythm of life.

You can’t rush through life, just as you can’t rush through The Blues. What’s the rush about, anyway? Are you here to live or to speed through time?

Time is not an expressway where the vehicle of your ego rushes in its way to some known goal. Time is a river. Enter it gently, least you scare the rich ecosystem harbored in its every fluid fold.

Why do you fall for mirages and lies, like believing that you know what’s going to happen, or taking life for granted?

The River of Time is always moving, flowing, changing. It has direction. It flows towards a purpose. The waters are currents that constantly dance. Vibrations constantly moving towards and away. Yet the river has a bed. This solid bed cradles its infinite flow, holding it still, giving it form. The River of Time dances in stillness.

When you learn to navigate this sacred river, life flows gracefully. Time unfolds in miraculous currents of opportunity that take you effortlessly to your destiny. When you cross this sacred river without knowing its laws, you paddle against the current, drain your energy while staying in place, tip the canoe and perish in the mysterious undertow.

Here’s a primer to help you navigate the River of Time.

The River of Time

Flow as if you were singing The Blues.

Do NOT race against the current. Why are you making time your enemy? When you count each minute, you discount the hours and days giving to you to live. Rush devours the notes and kill the song. Each note takes its time. Each silence is part of the composition. Time is like The Blues. Savor each note.

The only way to navigate this sacred river is to flow in it. To flow with it. Don’t fall for the deception that you are in control. You control nothing. Not even yourself. Flow with the current.

Why do you believe that the River of Time, the River of Life is taking you in the wrong direction? The only reason for this belief is that you feel alone. You believe that you are NOT part of the River of Life, that you stand separate and opposite to the Universe. You alone know your purpose. You alone can make it happen. What a heavy weight to carry in your Psychic Shoulders. No wonder your song cannot take flight!

You are part of The River, like the fish. The River knows where you are going. The River knows your Soul. The River takes the fish there. The River takes the Soul there, too.

Okey, so you are not like a fish. Your Soul is not as free as the branch that floats in the currents. You have built a canoe of plans, goals and designs. That’s fine by The River. As long as your canoe floats, The River will take your Soul’s Canoe to its destiny. Why? Because your Soul’s purpose is part of The River’s purpose. It’s part of the Universal purpose. You are a note in the song of The River and The River hears your harmony.

Flowing in The River is trusting the Universe to be your ally. Is feeling your participation and harmony with the world, so that you can receive the push and pull of the currents as help, guidance and support, without struggling.

Surrender to the waters. Give up resistance, control and defensiveness and allow change to take place. Allow the current to move you. Learn to shapeshift. If you are afraid of the unknown, you hold on to the illusion of control as a security blanket. But when you do that you become “too solid.” For a shaman, this means that you hae become so attached to your plans, your ego identity or your expectations or lifescript, that you cannot be fluid. When you approach life fluidly, playfully, you become a master shapeshifter. This allows you to flow artfully and meet anything that flows towards you. This is the true artistry of Soul. It is freedom.

But in order to enjoy the moment, you must stop time. If you are moving all the time, you go out of control and develop obsessions that confuse your path. You stop time by connecting to the bed that cradles the river. By touching bottom.

The River Bed

Remember that the dance starts in stillness. Allow the river bed to cradle your journey.

When there is no stillness, the river becomes wild, treacherous and overflows the bed, flooding the terrain. When there is no body, the river loses sight of its source. Forgetting where it comes from, it does not know where it’s going. The currents attack each other. There is chaos.

The bed of your time in life is timelessness. Empty mind. Stillness. Silence. Stop time and become the bed of the river. Feel the current moving while you stand still. Become quiet and unmovable, like the Earth. WITH the Earth. This grounds you in the source of your being, in the Universal Source. When you are in touch with the source, you know your destiny with clarity. You do not get lost.

Soul touches bottom. It dives into the feelings and longings in your Soul and shakes them loose, bringing them into your consciousness, into your body and mind. To perform this alchemy, you must slow down. You must be present now. Here.

Touch the bottom of the River of Time. Fell the polished stones that shine at the bottom of your Soul. Feel your body. It’s intuitive wisdom connects you to the source. Understand it’s thoughtless reality. Resonate with the vibration of your cells. Listen to that song. Anchor yourself in the truth of your BodySoul. Listen to your bones. Be present in your physical existence.

Don’t try to command and control the River of Time. it has no master. To harvest the waters, connect to the “Orillas” ?to both banks.

In your connection to the banks, you can find any station you want to tune into. You can magnetize any universe or orbit you desire. You can find every conceivable opportunity. The Orillas allow you to give and receive simultaneously, in an instant exchange. The River flows into the land, nurturing its creatures. The land and its creatures flow into The River, nurting its inhabitants.

This is the secret of Soul, the basis of life. This is the art of navigating The River of Time.

  1. Enter the River of Time slowly, in harmony with all the life around you.
  2. Flow with the currents, allowing your personal purpose to be directed by life’s purpose. Allow time to move you in the direction of your dream.
  3. Allow yourself to shapeshift to inhabit the moment. Be fluid.
  4. Touch bottom. Still yourself in the unmovable river bed, anchor yourself in your Soul and be present to your physical existence.
  5. Harvest the waters of the River of Time by connecting with the Orillas, with both banks, in the simultaneous acts of giving and receiving.

Slow down right now. Take a deep, slow inhalation and then let it come up from the bottom, slowly, in velvety depth: your song, your pain, your truth, your longing, your feeling, your movement, your grace, your unique touch. Caress this instant lovingly and let it touch you all the way down to the bones.

That’s living with Soul. That’s the art of navigating the River of Time.

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Maria Mar(c)

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This is Part 1 of the Series Dance with the Music of Life. Click here to see the other parts as they are added.

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