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Here are three powerful tips that I recommend you use in your daily life. Below these, there are links to get my Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction Daily Tips in your choice of format.


Practice Self-love

Open your heart and mind and count to 3. 1-Forgive yourself. 2-Release self-judgment. 3-Embrace your ultimate perfection.

Maria Mar



Change your life today

The part of your life you want to change is a universe that you are outgrowing. Understand its pattern and seek new orbits with the patterns you want.

Maria Mar


How are you creating your world?

“What’s on your mind?” To find the answer: 1) Observe the patterns and texture of thoughts that recur during the day. These are your Primary Thoughts. 2) Observe which ones you feed and which ones you starve (with attention and emotion). The result is the texture of your experience in life!

Maria Mar



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