Jan 022016

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Aug 062015

Drowning in Overwhelm:

No Time for Friends?



It’s been a while since my last post. I had to take a break from posting seven days a week. As I gave myself that space to finish my novel and catch up with projects that were dragging, I also took time to be with friends.

That’s when I heard it for the first time. “I’m drowning” I’m too overwhelmed to deal with anything else” “I’m too busy to be with my friends.” It suddenly hit me…

The way of friendship is changing.

It’s not a change I like at all.

People are so busy that they can hardly take time to be with their friends.

I realized that in years past I would talk on the phone with my friends almost every day. I’d see them almost every week. I knew what was going on in their lives. We share our pain and our pleasure. We were there for each other’s ordeals.

And now, the phone rarely rings with a call from a friend.

It’s beyond ironic. It’s tragic that now that we have email, we rarely write each other letters. Now that we have cellphones, we rarely have a long, heart-to-heart conversation with a friend.

In my birthday, a friend said that she was so overwhelmed for the past six months that she could not deal with anyone or anything else. This impacted me deeply, as I had missed her terribly during that time.

It was then that I realized that in past years we would be supporting each other through whatever she was going through.

“Is my definition of friendship obsolete?” I asked myself.

Are we working so much, multi-tasking so hard and dealing with such a complex, stressful life that we don’t have time for deep friendship?

It strikes me in the business words how I receive promotional emails with affiliate links and the entrepreneur presents that business association as “my friend.” I’m sure that’s true in some cases. But ALL your affiliates and business associations being “friends” sounds flaky to me.

Are we abusing the term “friend” or is it losing it’s devotional meaning in a world in which relationships are becoming increasingly harder to sustain, more casual, less deep and more complicated?

I really hope this is not the case. A true friendship is something to cherish.

As the stress of modern life increases, we should share MORE ~not less~ with our friends.

It has been documented profusely that having friends and a support group makes an essential difference when one is facing crisis, stress and even disease.


Could it be that this change in our friendship patterns is part of the increased stress?

What do you think?

I’d like to know.

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Jun 042015


This is day four of my birthday week, culminating on my birthday, on June 8 when I turn 65 years young.


I just published a novel that encompasses my own journey to release the past and embody my purpose. This story is where real life and fiction intersect!


I began the novel when I was left homeless and penniless after a home disaster. As I wrote the story of Angelina releasing her fears and sharing book, my novel got written and now, as Angelina has her happy ending I have mine. I just publish my novel, like the protagonist of my book. I love magic!


In my birthday week I’m revealing the secret sauce of living one’s magic, embodying one’s purpose and becoming one’s dream… in this magical, inspiring and uplifting fantasy.


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Angelina is at the edge of giving up on her talents to follow an average formula for success. Just then her desperate soul summons a magical being who detours the train. Will Angelina trust this guide and save her dream? Or will she continue to her planned destination, missing her great destiny?

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Jun 022015

Naysayers, Haters, Mirrors and Messengers

The other day I was watching a video by Jeff Walker. I love this person! He shines with authenticity and love, and he says it as it is. You can watch the video here.

I warn you that this is a long post, but if you offer or want to offer your gifts to the world, or if you have been held back by the fear of criticism, I promise that it is worth your while to read.

woman-barb-wire-landscapeI agree with Jeff that one of the things that is holding many of us back is the fear of being rejected, judged, criticized and even “crucified” by others; especially by our loved ones ~but also by influential people or large groups.

That fear of criticism is like a barb-wire fence that blocks many paths to success, especially among women and Spiritual Creatives.

We all have been the victims of that horrific infestation: Gossip. We know what that does. It spreads like toxic gas even before you get to a place, and when you enter everyone is looking at you as if you had axed aunt Annie. LOL!

Once people get a second-hand impression of you they cannot see the real you. It is painful to try to communicate with someone who cannot see or hear you because they have been poisoned by someone else’s gossip about you.

But when we long to step into our greatness, to embody our purpose or become our Dream, the fear can quickly escalate into terror because we are afraid not about ONE person gossiping about us, but about an entire POPULATION spreading evil thoughts that ruin our life.

So we hold back. We give our power away. We play safe and small.

And that, I believe is what Jeff wants to help us heal.

However, there are lessons to hear here, and generalizing that those who say “negative” things about our services or messages are “haters” can blind us to powerful gifts that the Divine is bringing to us.

It can make us throw away the baby with the bassinet, so to speak.

So I’ve been tracking down what bothered me about that message and what Spirit wanted me –and you– to know, and now I’m ready to share it.

Nay, it’s not them, I Say it’s you!

The first problem you face when you are afraid of naysayers and haters is not THEM.

It is YOU.

  • Why don’t you think of the many people who can benefit from your work?
  • Why don’t you find motivation in the problems you can help solve, the people you can inspire, the new adventures you can live?

Because you are placing your attention in negative expectations.  You are trapped in old, learned and limiting expectations; your Primary Expectations.

And here’s the thing:

You may even be attached to those who reject you and blind to those who accept you.

 So the first thing you need to do is release the learned limiting expectations of being rejected, judged and shamed. Follow them to their source, parent that  Wounded Inner Child and shift your attention from those who (you expect to) reject you to those who will receive you, need you and are right now looking for you.

Understand that I am not saying it’s your fault or that negative, envious people don’t exist or that if you shift your attention and detach from these expectations you are not going to run into them.

No. They exist, and we all bump into them. But if they are affecting you, intimidating you, making you feel bad or worse… stopping you from your dream or potential, then the problem is not them. It’s you. You are giving your power away to them.

This article is designed to help you understand why and release it so that you become unstoppable.

Next: Naysayers: are they all that bad?

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Jun 022015


This is day two of my birthday week, culminating on my birthday, on June 8 when I turn 65 years young.


I love magic pills in my life, don’t you? Magic pills are those extraordinary synchronicities, daily miracles and amazing stories that let us know magic is alive in the world.


I have a magic pill for you today:


My pen/stage name, “Maria Mar” literally means “Mary Ocean” because the Ocean is my Elemental Mother. I love the ocean! Well, guess what? June 8, my birthday, is Ocean Day…. coincidence or Sacred Design?


book-song-of-ocean-no-causeI am celebrating this sacred design with a new fantasy that I wrote, just for this occasion.
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