Apr 152015
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Dream Express Oracle


This is the Oracle I use to play in the Book Signing Party

for my novel, Angelina and the Law of Attraction. Read more below.




Your DreamBirth is the vision

of the moment Earth birthed you.

Do you know why Earth Mother birthed you?
Do you know how your life is a blueprint for your purpose?

This is an Water Card, connected to emotions, soul and psyche.


Dream Express Oracle


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My new inspirational fantasy novel is out, and I am celebrating through fun Book Signing Parties both locally in New York and globally online.

Here’s a preview of the Dream Express Oracle I am using to present this magical story to those who attend the Book Party.


Chapter: No 9- Bleak Station


Angelina thinks that she is dead. Is she entombed? In Bleak Station she meets the parts of her that are in despair and ruins. Yet, as The Poet shows Angelina her desolation, she meets PJ, a gnome that takes her into her DreamBirth. Angelina travels through the Tree of Life and Death to the moment when she was birthed by Earth Mother and discovers her life purpose.

Excerpt: Part of the  DreamBirth Vision Angelina has, where Earth Mother is taking about the purpose for which Angelina came to Earth:

“My daughters, can’t you hear me?” Earth cries out. Angelina feels the Earth’s pain in her own bones.

“Why are you not laughing? Why are you not dancing? Have you forgotten the rites of gratitude and joy? Have you forgotten the old ways of The Mother? Have I not birthed you to be happy?”

But the women keep working and praying, deaf to The Mother’s cries.

“I am birthing your memory.”

The Mother sings, taking great breathes and pushing forth a stream of beautiful notes that catch the light.

“I am birthing a road back to your Soul, the memory of its dreams, the wisdom of my ways. I am birthing the mirror where you can see my face and find your smile, where you can feel my roots and find your place.”

The Mother is breathing fire and air into Angelina’s consciousness. A warm, wet substance bathes Angelina. She is fed dancing circles of light. Memories of the ancient faith. Desires for another language. Indignation in the face of alienation. Hunger for freedom. Recognition of all forms of slavery. Persistence. Courage. Eyes that see the stories. Eyes that see the contradictions and the lies. Ears that hear the truth in the emotions when the words deny it. Memory of a goddess that laughs and loves. Of a father that breathes life onto his children. Memory of goodness without shame. Memories of harmony and beauty.


If you like this excerpt, you will love the story.

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