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Feb 072014
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Have you ever had  a strong pain as a result of a fall or banging yourself against something? The pain is all over the place and you can’t even find where it originates.You feel overwhelmed and can’t give a right answer to your doctor. And panic starts to set in because you are scared and feel helpless.

The same can be said about the emotional hurt you carry, the fear that holds you back or the pent-up emotions that trap you in the past. We often avoid emotional pain because it feels overwhelming. It’s too much, and we can’t find the source, so we shut it off and keep going; only to let it all out, 10x worst in the next similar situation.

In this PREMIUM post, I share a process that allows me to relieve generalized pain and find the source of the injury.

In the first part of this PREMIUM post, I will  describe how I use the Pain Pinpointing Process  with physical injuries.  When I’ve faced spreading physical pain, I’ve learned to pinpoint the source of the pain using breath and acceptance. The general pain dissipates and gathers close to the source, which helps me heal and helps my doctor address the injury.

In the second part of this PREMIUM post, I show you an adaptation of this process to address emotional wounds and transform toxic emotions into creative energies.

CAVEAT: Remember, I’m not talking about injuries bad enough to need immediate medical care, in which case you need to call an ambulance. Also remember that I’m not a doctor. I am a shaman and I am describing this process so that you can use it to address your emotional  pain and help deal with physical pain without panic.


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Pinpoint your Pain for Transformation

  • If you are carrying so much emotional pain that you don’t know how to address it right now, this premium knowledge can help you perform a healing alchemy with your emotional pain.

  • If you are grieving for parts of yourself that you feel were stolen, the process described below will help reclaim yourself by listening to your BodySoul and your heart.

  • If you want to set yourself free from fear, self-sabotage and constant negative thoughts so that you can achieve personal freedom and live a joyful life, the process I describe below will help you set the foundation of this healthy, joyful lifestyle.

You cannot prevent trauma, pain or crisis. It will come. But the process below shows you how to use the Pain Pinpointing Process to handle pain and achieve Self-mastery.

First, learn how to use the Pain Pinpointing Process to reduce general pain and pinpoint the source of the injury for easier healing and more precise information to your doctor.

Second, I will share how I use an adaptation of this Pain Pinpointing Process to pinpoint the source of any emotional pain and then release or transmute the emotional toxins into energy that I can use creatively.

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Pinpoint your Pain for Transformation

This is the Pain Pinpointing Process I use in the case of physical injury.

I know it’s counter-intuitive, but here’s how it works:

  1. I breathe into the pain. I seat or lay down comfortably and I breathe into the pain. Let’s say that the source of my pain is a hurt left wrist. At the beginning, the pain creeps up my arm and shoulder and I need to breathe into the whole shoulder and arm. I inhale slowly and deeply, allowing the air to come in and fill the entire area. This hurts like hell, but I resist the urge to constrict my body or stop my breath. Instead, I exhale even more slowly and gently, feeling the spreading pain dissipating like clouds blown away by the wind.

  2. I surrender to the pain. The pain may be increasing as I breathe. But I don’t fight it. This is the scariest part of the exercise. I stop tensing my body to avoid pain. I stop holding my breath so it doesn’t hurt. Instead I relax my entire body and blend with the pain. It feels like I am flowing in the river of pain. As I keep breathing gently and blending with the pain it usually begins to dissipate in the areas farther away from the source and gathers closest to the source.

  3. I dive deep into the source of the pain and I love and accept myself. I smile to the pain. I welcome the pain as an ally. (Which it is, because the pain is allowing me to find and heal the hurt area. People who do not feel pain are in constant danger of hurting themselves and not taking care of it on time.) As I breathe into the area, the pain seems to gather itself again and becomes a pin-point. Because I am listening, the pain speaks more clearly, indicating the exact source of the injury.

  4. I now listen, examine and take care of the injury. I can do this because I’m not panicking or overwhelmed by pain and I can now usually feel what is the problem. I can feel if it’s a bone or a muscle, a break or a sprain. I can also give the doctor a more accurate description.


“Fear, not Danger, is What Often Kills Us”

The greater the intensity of the generalized pain, the harder it is to pinpoint the source because we tend to panic. Yet, I’ve been able to do this process with a grade 8 pain. Shamans say that it’s not danger, but fear that often kills us. And I find this to be true in cases of injuries.

The scenario can develop like this:

I panic because I see lots of blood or the pain is too intense and generalized. When I panic, I can’t think straight. The pain increases because I’m sending signals to all my cells screaming danger and my body is responding with increasing adrenaline, which fuels my panic and increasing cortisol that increases my level of stress. My body tenses up with stress and fear, which increases the pain. I stop breathing fully, which again increases the stress. If I don’t stop this vicious circle, I’ll add a panic attack to the injury. If I’m in a panic, I can do things that are dangerous to myself and I cannot take effective actions. This, not the injury by itself, can lead to a worse injury or death.



That’s why I’ve made it my practice to pinpoint the source of the pain through breath and surrendering for as long as I can remain conscious during pain. This has actually helped me to understand the source of the injury and get the proper medical help faster.


You don’t have to do it alone

There’s been several instances, in which I was bleeding copiously and could not stop the bleeding, and I began to panic.  The injuries in these cases were not bad enough to call the ambulance, but the pain (and sometimes the bleeding) were pushing me out of control.

  1. What I’ve done in these cases is to stop the panic button long enough to call on a friend who lives close and ask them to come over immediately.
  2. I keep talking on the phone with them explaining my Pain Pinpointing Process and telling them anything that they need to know in case I pass out. I open the door so they can come in if I’m passed out.
  3. Though in these cases the injury has not been bad enough to call an ambulance, taking these steps has calmed me because I was taking action to prevent the damage from escalating or me being alone and unconscious and bleeding to death. These thoughts and worries can increase your fear and stress levels and drive you into a panic attack that renders you helpless to act effectively.
  4. I then keep myself calm until my friend comes and keeps me calm while helping me through the pinpointing process; and in cases where I’m bleeding, help me stop and address the bleeding.

CAVEAT: Remember, I’m not talking about injuries bad enough to need immediate medical care, in which case you need to call an ambulance. Also remember that I’m not a doctor. I am describing this process so that you can use it to address your emotional  pain help deal with physical pain without panic.


The Emotional Undertow

Most of us walk around with a heavy sack of pent-up pain weighing down our wings and our heart. We carry this pain because we avoid it, and it piles up. This pain does not allow us to believe in our dreams, fly into our potential or feel the true value of our gifts. It keeps us feeling powerless, resentful, afraid and insufficient.

But you can put a stop to it.

To do this, need to summon the courage to address your emotional hurt instead of avoiding it.

Avoiding your emotional pain is the worse thing you can do because this emotional pain goes into what I call the Emotional Undertow: a quagmire of old, stagnant emotional hurt that goes all the way back to childhood. Adding the current emotional pain to the Emotional Undertow means that whenever a similar situation like the one that caused the original pain arises, ALL the pain of the entire Emotional Undertow pours over you. That is what makes your emotional pain generalized and overwhelming! The longer you avoid it, the more overwhelming it will be.

This is true whether the injury is a physical or emotional pain. So what can you do?

Concentrate on the Pain Pinpointing Process and you can turn the emergency of pain into an emergence that sets you free of the source of the pain. Here’s the emotional version of the Pain Pinpointing Process.

When I’ve faced overwhelming emotional pain, I’ve learned to pinpoint the pain using breath, surrender and acceptance. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but here’s how it works:

  1. Breathe into the pain. Seat comfortably and breathe into the pain. Find out where in your body you are holding this emotional pain. Look for bodily areas or organs with rising stress, tension, pain, soreness or a change of temperature (colder or hotter). Breathe into that place in your body. Inhale slowly and deeply, allowing the air to come in and fill the entire area.

  2. Express the Pain in Exhalation.  As you exhale, allow the pain to come out in sound. Let the sound be organic. Don’t try to sing or make it beautiful. You want to hear your pain. You want to RELEASE the vibration of the pain. You can sound it out or sing it out. Use only sound, not words. (Words take you into your mind, and the logical mind interferes with physical consciousness.)

  3. Surrender to the pain. As you feel the vibration of your pain running through you and hear it around you, the pain may increase. Don’t fight it.This is the scariest part of the exercise. Allow yourself to keep breathing deeply into the pain and keep singing or sounding out the pain. As you do this, allow the pain to talk, to come out and tell you what is causing it. You are adding words to the sound now. Say, sing, howl or scream the truth that the pain is holding. Don’t try to fix it. There’s nothing to fix. There is only your emotional truth that needs to be heard.

  4. Dive deep into the source of the pain and love and accept yourself unconditionally. In silence, breathe deeply and gently as you tap, rub or place your palm over the area in your body holding the pain. Listen deeply. Accept the emotion, even if you know that it’s not the only truth. This is not about blaming others, complaining or playing the victim. This is about accepting a part of you; the part that carries this hurt, unconditionally. What the pain has said may be not be true, may be partially true or completely true in the overall scheme of things, but it is the truth of this part of you. Invalidating it using your logical mind does not help. Listening and then loving yourself unconditionally DOES help. A lot. In this sense, you are welcoming the pain as ally.

  5. Pinpoint the source of your Soul’s hurt. The overwhelming, generalized pain should be subsiding now. It may have gathered around a memory, image or person. Now you can extract the truth from the rest of the rant. You can pinpoint what truly hurt your soul from the mess of events, words and interactions that might have occurred. What is the true source of your soul’s hurt? More often than not, you will find that it has less to do with the situation or person by itself and more to do with an interpretation that arouse as old feelings were steered. Perhaps you interpreted an act as a rejection, judgment, betrayal or abandonment and all the pain of past abandonment rushed in. But even if the source of the pain is an action or event in the present and it is completely justified, pinpointing it will feel empowering and open a clearance that starts the healing process.

  6. Speak the truth from your Soul. Speak the truth as simply and honestly as you can and listen to your own voice and words lovingly. Do not judge. Do not fix. Simply listen lovingly. Inhale and speak it inwardly. Exhale and speak it out loud.

  7. Shifting the Pain.As you hear the truth of your Soul’s hurt, what is this truth telling you about your choices, attention or actions? What needs to change that YOU can change? How can you shift your perception, your stance in relation to the events? What energy do you want to release? What needs healing? What toxins can be transmuted into medicine?Examples:
    1. Resentment can be transmuted into forgiveness or compassion by owning when you’ve done similar things or how you were a part of the dance in relationship.
    2. Anger can be transmuted into motivation, passion and persistence to right a wrong or change a social problem.
    3. Sadness can be transmuted into self-love and self-acceptance that allow you to use your vulnerability to feel your loss and find your love. In this sense, you can develop a higher frequency of love for yourself that helps you set healthy boundaries and a higher frequency of love for others that strengthens your compassion.
    4. Hatred can be released by connecting to that in the hated person that is a mirror and a lesson, receiving the lesson and letting go of this person or persons like that in your life.
    5. Fear and doubtcan be released by seeing how you cooperated with the events that oppress you or if they took place in your youth, owning your adult powers now and shifting from victim to creator.You can also transmute doubts into food for your faith, so that when doubt comes, instead of weakening your resolve, you use them to summon your faith and overcome doubts. Another use of doubt is as Psychic Keys, in which case you turn any doubt into a key question. Psychic Keys are questions that contain the germ of the answer and open a new perceptual doorway. By asking the question you come up with new solutions. In this case your doubt is transmuted into your creative genius, problem solving and intuitive intelligence.

  8. Take healing actions  and find support.Consult your heart’s wisdom to find an action that you can take right now to consistently shift, heal, release or transmute what needs to be changed.Remember that just as you don’t have to face an overwhelming pain or injury alone, you don’t have to face am emotional wound alone. Seek the help of a spiritual healer, a body-centered or emotional healer, a therapist or counselor.You can also share with a non-judgmental, non-caretaking friend who can help you love and accept yourself through the healing.

The greater the intensity of the emotional pain, the harder it is to do this.The reason why emotional pain overwhelms us is often that we’ve allowed it to fester for years, feeding the Emotional Undertow.

If this is true, and this process is not enough, it is time to seek help. You don’t have to do it alone. Seeking help, being in pain, not being “perfect” ~these are the things that make you human. They are not weaknesses.

Quite the contrary. Shamans and alchemist know this secret:

  1. Your emotional wounds are inflicted in the exact place of your Personal Powers.
  2. The pain emanating from these wounds is the call of your Soul to find your power.
  3. When you hear the pain as a scout and dive deep into the wounds, you will find a treasure at the bottom.
  4. This treasure is your Personal Medicine.
  5. But to have clean, constant access to this power, you need to cleanse the wound. This involves the alchemy of transmuting its toxic energies into medicinal energies and releasing the ones that cannot be transmuted.
  6. This process gives you an additional gift: Self-mastery. You stop feeling helpless and victimized by life, others or any situation and you become the Master co-creator of your life.


Remember what shamans say:


The only danger in your pain is your choice to abandon yourself by avoiding it. This leads you to a contrary path to Self-Mastery, the path of the victim who is afraid of its own shadow, blames others for her pain and feels like a leaf in the wind.

Pinpointing your emotional pain to its source and transmuting (or releasing) the toxic energies in that emotional wound is not the easy path. But it is the path to freedom.











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