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Join the

Butterfly You



Calling all spiritual, creative women who are working to serve the world through
the expression of their own unique gifts and talents.Share your story of how you shed Caterpillar You and embrace your Butterfly Self.

Is this you?


Butterfly You



Fill out the form to enter the contest!



If you are selected, you receive:

  • A face-to-face interview with Maria Mar to share your Butterfly Woman Story. Maria will transform this interview into an article and you will be featured in an issue of the magazine.*

  • A  MagicMark your Life Private Session with Maria Mar to explore how to fly higher, strengthen your wings and increase your expressive power to embody your purpose and live ecstatically. (2 hours).

In return, you agree to:

You agree to participate in the promotion of that issue of the Butterfly You! Magazine, promoting it in social media and to your list for the launching week.

*You need Skype and a webcam for this


Learn more:

What you do
Step 1: Read the
terms of the contest.

Step 2: Create a summary of your Butterfly Self Story
in any of these formats: video, writing or audio.
and also
See a sample story. Step 3: Submit your entry in  this page. In the fields provided, include a written summary of the story with a link to:Your URLS, including any or all of these:

  • Your site or blog
  • Your Youtube channel
  • Your Facebook, Twitter and/or Linked pages
  • Any page where you are offering a free gift or signup form.
  • Link to any article you’ve written for other blogs, magazines or sites
  • Anything that has been written about you (up to 3 pieces)

We will read the summary and visit the links. If you win, then we will ask you for a photo (See below.)

Once we get this photo, Maria Mar will give you the Butterfly Woman Wings. She will choose the wings based on your story, so that they express your Essence.

This photo with your Butterfly Woman Wings will appear in the cover of the magazine issue.

Step 4: If you win, you will need to be interviewed by Maria Mar via Skype.

Step 5: After that, you will need to submit:

  • One high resolution (300DPI or more) full-figure photo where you are looking forward, preferibly smiling, so that we can give you your “wings” as Butterfly Woman.

sample and photo description.


  • 3 good photos is the ideal submission to get a really stunning section designed for you.

The Full Butterfly Woman Story Guideline

Your Butterfly Woman summary story must include the

  1. Who are you and what your BIG dream  is
  2. What you have overcome or accomplished so far
  3. What your unique gifts and talents are and how you are using them  to fulfill your life purpose
  4. How you are expressing these gifts in the world now
  5. How you’d like to serve the world in a BIGGER way
    through these gifts
  6. The challenges you are facing or have faced and how
    they’ve helped you or what you’ve learned from them
  7. Your specific goals at the moment; what are you working on, what do you want to accomplish to move towards your Dream
  8. Name your value.  Tell us why you have emerged from Caterpillar into full Butterfly Self and therefore deserver to have our Butterfly Woman Wings, and
  9. Describe as clearly as you can what you want the
    MagicMark your Life Tribe
    to help you manifest with our collective
    intention. See sample

Sample photo

This is Butterfly Woman Corazon Tierra, the poster woman
for this campaign. See more information on your photo.

  • The terms of this content can change at any time. We
    will post the changes.

  • This contest in ONLY FOR WOMEN.

  • You can live anywhere around the world.

  • Winners are selected solely on the discretion of the
    publisher, Maria Mar. There’s no arbitration or reclamation.

  • At any time, we reserve the right to declare the
    contest null if we do not find submissions deserving.

  • What we publish from your story is solely at our
    discretion, including how we use the photos and how many links to where we provide in the article.

  • You must submit all required elements on time. If you
    are missing something or late, we will not consider your submission.

  • You must respond to the selection within 48 hours
    of us sending you an email with the announcement. If we don’t hear from you via email by then, we will give the prize to the next runner-up.

  • Maria Mar will send you a notice to sign-up for the interview and the session. You must book the interview within 24 hours and the session within 30 days of the issue where you are featured or you lose that prize. You need Skype and a webcam for the interview. Set aside about 2 hours for it.

  • Once you are contacted as a winner, you must sign and
    send the online release form that gives us the permission to publish and market your story, summary, photo, video or audio.

  • We have the exclusive rights for the interview as it appears in the magazine.

  • All promotion for this issue must be done by sending people to the URL that is given to you.

  • You have the option of becoming an affiliate, so that you earn 40% of commission of any purchase by the people you refer (as long as the purchase takes place within a year and in the magazine)

  • You commit to promoting the magazine in which you
    will be featured
    via your social media, to your friends and fans, and to send them all to the flip magazine in the URL where we indicate.

  • If you violate this agreement, we will take you off the
    cover, even if the magazine has been already published, and we will
    take your section out.
  • Linking should be as explained in the

    Back to the form

    What to do to join the contest

    Guidelines for the full story

    See sample stories

    Fill out the form and enter the contest!


    Summary:A maximum of 350 words

    • You should have a link to:
    • Your blog or website
    • Your social media: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • A max of 3 articles in other sites
    • A max of 3 places featuring you
    • A place for people to sign-up to your list or get a free gift from you

    Like this: Example summary from Corazon Tierra

    Summary: 282 words

    I am Corazon Tierra, a dancer who helps
    women live happily in their bodies. My dream is to spread my message to live happily in your body to millions of women throughout the world, especially
    to Latinas, and to do this through my performances and my program Beloved BodySoul.

    My unique gifts are dance, performance,
    poetry, writing and editing. My life purpose is to bring harmony into the world by helping women life in harmony with themselves and their bodies.

    I am expressing my gifts through my
    writings that are all over the internet in magazines, as well as through my blog where I write weekly articles in body esteem, healthy eating, food
    recipes and self-love.

    My challenge is that there’s so much to do
    and so little time! I am doing video, building my platform and formatting my upcoming book while I write for a living and have a balanced life. From
    these challenges I’ve gotten really good at prioritizing and writing really fast. I’m also learning to stay in balance even if I have lots of work.

    This is my life’s purpose. I’m not going anywhere until it’s done, so I’m in for the long run. I’m 100% committed to my life purpose and my goals.

    There are two things you can do to help me
    manifest my goals:

    ·Join my list

    ·Give thanks for and see my
    goals accomplished. If you like to dance, dance gratitude for these goals.
    And thank you!


    Fill out the form and enter the contest!

    Your Butterfly Woman photo
    You can take your photo with any camera, even a webcam, or any device. It does not have to be a professional shot.However, it must be:

    • A high resolution (minimum 300dpi)
    • Clear and crisp ( not fuzzy)
    • Full-figure length
    • Forward-facing. (You are looking at the camera). Preferably smiling.
    • Use the Butterfly You
      logos as an example of the pose. You could have your arms open to the
      side, to the sky or to the earth. Feel your wings as you take the photo!
    • Look towards the camera and give us your Butterfly
      smile that says “I’m emerging in my full radiance!”
    • If you are a winner, we’ll contact you via email and
      then you’ll send us the photo via a service we’ll recommend.
    • Do not send the photo over the email. We do not open attachments.
    • It would be great if you can also provide two more good quality  photos, at least one of which is a half-figure shot.

    Do not include wings. We will give you your Butterfly Woman Wings. It will be your crowning ceremony!

    Back to the form

    What to do to join the contest

    Guidelines for the full story

    See sample stories


    Corazon Tierra

    Butterfly Woman Fall 2013




    Tanya Torres

    Butterfly Woman Holiday 2013

    Fill out the form and enter the contest!

    About Maria Mar

    Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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