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Mar 192014
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You are a vibration in a world of vibrating energy. You were born with music inside you that no one else has heard or played since the beginning of time and no one else will hear or play throughout infinity. The vibrational frequency of your potential pulsates within you, longing to burst out into the ever-growing, always unfolding composition that exists within you.

But during your formational years as a human being others threw your vibrational potency off key by imposing their own frequencies on you at a time when you did not have the maturity to distinguish. They were teaching you the song of life, and you trusted them and learned their song. Mostly, they meant no harm, but they threw you off key because their own song had been thrown off key. It’s part of the journey on Earth; to be thrown off-key in order to find your true key.

If you are not living the life you want, if you are not deeply filled and happy with the way you live, the work you do or your relationships; then you may be living off-key.

The genuine vibration of your Essence and potential are masked by a noise, a learned or inherited noise, a reactive and fear-based noise. I call it the Shadow Echo.

This is the echo of others’ vibrational imprints in you: guilt, shame, insufficiency, judgment, conditional love, sense of worthlessness, self-doubts, fear-based defensiveness, lack, trauma, abuse, neglect, poverty, sexism, racism… the list goes on. They all leave their echo imprinted in your vibrational pattern.

The Shadow Echo is a vibrational misalignment with your True Self caused by the interference of overlaid vibrations that you’ve picked up and embedded in your Primary Identity.

You now identify with these foreign vibrations, which confuse, mislead you and make you doubt the genuine vibrations of your Essence. Your original vibrations become something you doubt, and therefore something you feel unreal or far away, Hence, you long for them.

You want to feel the vibrancy of your Essence to its fullest. You want the uplifting and expanding frequencies of the potential in you to express itself in your life.

But every time you try to follow your Essence, the Shadow Echo interferes. It confuses you. It holds you back when you want to fly. It makes you doubt your true frequency.

And every time you want to follow the frequencies of your brightest potential, the Shadow Echo rises like a ghost’s howl to haunt your growth and dreams.

The Shaman calls you to your Power Song. This is the practice that returns you to your Soul’s true vibration and connects you to the frequency of your potential.

To sing your Power Song in your daily life, you need to include these practices every day:

  • Stillness: Shift into the time of your Essence. Stay still inside, even if you are moving and doing things. It will feel as if you were moving between movements. As a matter of fact, the practice is called Moving in Stillness.
  • Sacred Silence: In that stillness, you listen deeply, in breath. You can distinguish the Shadow Echo because it runs in your head (not in your heart or body) and it’s always dashing somewhere else in a hurry. It’s dashing forward, to the next moment or backward to the past. By simply observing its rush and noise you detach from it. Now you are not going with it. You are still. So you break your identification with the Shadow Echo.

  • BodySoul Sourcing: Listen to the silence of your Soul. You begin this deep listening by breathing deeply, gently and slowly and listening to your body. Allow your body to relax and bring the breath to whatever part is tense, allowing it to release tension. As you scan your body and heal it with breath, your awareness moves towards your Core Self, towards your Sacred Heart. This is the compass that points to your true frequency. *

  • Sing your Power Song: Follow your Sacred Heart to action. Allow your voice, movement, choices and actions to emerge from that center, guided by your Sacred Heart as a compass.

* I teach how to do this in the Shapeshift into Your Dream Webinar Series. Find out more here.


What would your Power Song feel and sound like if you allow it to emerge and guide you? Please share in the comments below.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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