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Nov 272014
My Gratitude Declaration

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today I am grateful for… My health. At my age I am flexible, strong and have the energy and stamina to do my work, live my purpose and serve my tribe. My alchemy. I have been trained in the subtle distillation of energy that allows me to transmute my wounds into medicines, my pain into power and my fears into freedom. I see how rare and precious this gift is and feel immensely thankful for this practical spiritual wisdom. My creativity and creative genius. There is so much fun and magic in my creative gifts! I have reclaimed my vast creative potential and feel so happy and delighted on the power of creativity to create my life and be the co-creator of this world. My magic. I love magic! Truly magic is the fiber of this world. It is deeply connected to Oneness and connects us to Divine Source. It empowers us to co-create our life with the universe and to shift our perception to change our world. I enjoy the magic that connects me to the heart and beauty [Read more.]

Oct 302013
How to Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Reading Time: 7 minutes In America, especially in the Latino countries, we celebrate the Day of the Dead or All Hallows Eve, commonly known as Halloween. This year, I’d like to invite you to throw a different type of party for your Halloween celebration. I’ll give you a summary here. If you get inspired, download the PDF for detailed ceremonial and spiritual information and party ideas. I’d like to reveal how you can have a party with your Ancestors… your dead ancestors. Why should you do this? There are four very good reasons to celebrate the Day of the Dead. To express appreciation To heal any unfinished business To repair Family Karma, and To celebrate them and the love that unites you all In the following pages I’ll share with you how to prepare your celebration for the Day of the Dead. There are certain things that are essential and important. This mostly refers to four things: The spirit of love, joy and gratitude Certain structural elements to guarantee the spiritual quality of the celebration The order of events for natural progression Certain offerings [Read more.]

Apr 282013
Earth, mother, you woman

Reading Time: 4 minutes Earth, Mother, You Woman This article explores how your authentic joy can help restore our collective connection with Earth and the Sacred Feminine. Think about what you do in a day. Multiply that by billions, and you get a sense of what women do for the world —all in heels and while looking gorgeous! Women’s History Month has gone, Earth Day came and went. But women’s history is created every day by you and me, and we need to make Earth Day every day in order to repair the damage we’ve done to Earth Mother. That same damage is affecting you as a woman and mother right now. Your well-being as a woman and Earth’s well-being are intertwined. Just as we need to protect Earth from wanton exploitation, depletion, abuse and poisoning, we need to protect ourselves as women from living a stolen life where our energies are depleted by others without renewal, valuing or reciprocity. Here’s three ways in which your lifestyle can return the value of the Sacred Feminine while enriching your own life. When you as a [Read more.]

Dec 242012
Presence is the true holiday present

Reading Time: 3 minutes Family Holiday Ceremony  Presence is the True Holiday Present The other day in the elevator I asked a neighbor how Christmas was going. Oh boy! His shoulders slumped down with weight and he made a grimace. ~ “That bad?” I asked. ~ “Everyone’s expecting gifts and things are not like they were,” he said. I’m going to share with you what I told him… and a bit more. Our PRESENCE is the present. We need to come back to the sacredness of the holidays as a celebration of our life, of our sacred families, of love and giving. But giving is not about buying, rushing around, consuming. It is about coming together in a ceremony to celebrate each other’s presence in our life. I’ve done ceremonies with families where the kids grow up and years later they still remember that ceremony when their parents, siblings and cousins shared with them how much they meant to them, the gifts that they saw in them, gave them thanks for being in their lives and name what their presence brought to their lives. [Read more.]

May 082012
Mothers Day Greeting

Reading Time: 3 minutes Happy Mother’s Day   Here is the most valuable diamond in the world It is my Mother’s Gift to you Click graphic to get your diamond. Art by Maria Mar(c)2012   The Rose and the Diamond   You are holding in your hands the most delicate, radiant rose. It is a rose like no other, for it has blossomed in your heart; made of your love, your purpose and your passion.   It has taken you long years and hard work to bring this rose into bloom. But now it is ready for the eyes, the nostrils and the heart of those in need of your gifts. For this radiant rose holds the gifts, talents and passion from your Unique Essence.   You may have children. You may also have grandchildren. As a woman, you are a mother in many ways, even if you don’t have children. You care for students, clients, patients, neighbors, elders.   But this rose that you’ve cared into bloom is made of your own dreams. Is your secret magic, your mojo, your triumph.   Yet, [Read more.]

Feb 112012
Fall in love with yourself

Reading Time: 2 minutes Self-love day is February 13. That’s Monday. What are you going to do that day for yourself? How about falling in love with yourself? Here are some ideas: Make a date with yourself: Take yourself out to an outing that you enjoy. It may be something with you love to do, and can enjoy alone, but perhaps your significant other or friends don’t often want to do it. Ideas? Ice skating, going to see your favorite movie, eating your favorite food at your favorite restaurant, seeing a fantastic show. Dress up (or dress down) according to what you want. Treat yourself like a Queen. Enjoy your own company! Spa Day: You can do this alone or with a group of girlfriends (can get a discount as a group). Go for a fabulous treat on a spa. Make sure to get your favorite type of massage. Then from there, depending on your budget and preferences, include a reflexology massage, a cleansing or detox, a facial, etc. Let someone take care of you. Be pampered. Feel like the Goddess you are! Self-celebration [Read more.]

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