Sep 152014
Tool of the Month for you: Change your Story, Change your Life

Tool of the Month for you:

Tool to: Change your Story, Change your Life

Here’s the Tool of the Month I’ve create for you.

Do you feel that there’s some invisible limit, like an invisible wall or a blind spot that’s blocking your progress or manifestation?
Do you feel that you are caught in a loop, that you are able to get so much done, grow so far or get that close to your Dream or purpose… and then something pulls you back into the loop and you are spinning again in an old familiar place?

The reason for this is that you are trapped in a life story that was either written for you early on or you’ve written it probably subconsciously, an you are not playing out that story in your life.
You are a trapped in a role within that story. To change your life past a certain set point, you need to change your story.
And that’s the latest tool I’ve developed for you. It’s called:

This alchemical process combines storytelling, tapping and an alchemical process that changes your Energy Broadcast […]

Sep 012014
Tool of the Month: how to create what you want in your life with ease and grace

Tool of the Month:
How to create what you want in your life
with ease and grace

Wouldn’t it be great… To create what you want in your life with ease and grace, without struggle, stress or resistance?
That in itself is a dream come true for most of us!
But you may have a specific dream right now that you are struggling to realize.

Is there an aspect of your life that you are determined to change? For example, your health or your loneliness.
Do you want to create a different quality or texture to your life, work or relationships? For example: More support and less struggle.
Do you want to overcome a challenge that’s been holding you back? For example: procrastination or self-doubt.
Do you want to attract something new, something better for yourself, whether it is money, a soulmate, health or a new job?

Then you want the Life Masterpiece Play Set that I’ve created for this purpose.

It contains the foundational shamanic wisdom from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom, revealing how to use your Human Creative Palette (your creative genius and human faculties) to create what […]