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Jan 182016
Do you hurt for your friend like this?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is this you? Do you hurt for your friend like this? When women repel success Every few months I meet her and the minute she sees me her eyes light with a paradoxical mix of hope and desperation. As she walks towards me I ask myself “Will this be the time?” She barely says hi. She dives into a stream of complaints. You know that string. That’s how your friend goes on and on about what she really, really wants to do instead of the boring or grueling job she now has. You hear it every time you gals meet. You try to help her, but any suggestion you give is met with a “Yes, but…” After a while you get it that she is resisting to take any action on her own behalf, so all you can do is seat there patiently, listening to the streams of complains, wishes and dreams that you know will never happen. You listen because you love your friend. But for that same reason, it hurts like hell and you go home with a [Read more.]

Feb 162015
Check out my New Year's Miracle!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Check out my New Year’s Miracle!   Happy New Year! Happy Self-love Day! Happy Valentine Day! and very happy, extraordinary magical Miracle Day! I’ve been rather quiet these holidays because I gave myself a resting retreat until mid January. Then I gave myself a writing and rehearsing retreat to start the year fresh and doing what I love most. I needed to fill myself with the joy of doing what I love in order that my light could overflow and shower you all year through. I want to share with you the miracle that I received just at the start of this New Year, to give you living proof that your intentions resonate in the universe and become material expressions, attracting that in which you place your attention. I call this your Miracle Days, when things you want, envision or imagine show up in little or big ways to boost your belief. Every Christmas, I meet with a couple of old friends and we dive deeply into what our Soul desires. Then we help each other refine and express our [Read more.]

Sep 232014
Multipotentiality Rocks!

Reading Time: 3 minutes This blog is part of the PuttyFest: A Celebration of Multipotentiality   Multipotentiality Rocks! It all started … well, when I was born, I guess. But for the story’s sake let’s say that it all started when I went to college. Until then I was “just me.” I did not have to choose between writing poetry and studying human nature; being in the drama club or taking dance classes. I did it all because I loved it all. But now I “had” to choose. Would I be an actress or a writer? A dancer or an actress? Would I study psychology or literature? And even as a writer, I was somehow supposed to choose if I was a poet or a fiction writer. Even then I had to choose if I was a novelist, short story writer. Then I had to narrow it down to a genre: would I write fantasy, mystery, fables and so on. If I chose fantasy, that was not enough specialization, either. I had to choose what type of fantasy I would write. Would it be [Read more.]

Sep 182014
Meet your Sacred Self

Reading Time: 5 minutes Meet your Sacred Self   We are born with an umbilical cord connected to our Birth Mother. We all know this. What many of us do not know or forget is that we are also born with an energy cord connecting us to The Field. You can see The Field as the Field of Infinite Possibilities, The Unifying Field or simply as Oneness. Or you can choose to see it as The Divine. We have an energy cord to Oneness because we are born from that Greatness and that infinite unfolding into a tiny body, a particular culture and a historical moment. As soon as we are born these three elements begin to interact, dressing our infinite self in the colors, textures and shapes of our environment. At this point in our growth our true nature as infinite unfolding energy being begins to fade away from our consciousness and we can only see as Self the dress we have been wearing. Our sense of self shrinks to fit the stories we have learned. You can probably remember a time when [Read more.]

May 192014
Make a decision and create your reality now.

Reading Time: 6 minutes This is a self-assessment tool in a 3-part series entitled Three Attitudes that make or break your manifestation Read the First Part here. Read part 2 here.   Part 3: Make a decision and create your reality now. When you were engulfed in desire, you were motivated, wired up and even in pain out of longing, but you were not truly empowered. Desire is the emotional foundation for manifestation, but it’s far from bringing your dream into reality. Lots of people have desires, but never make them a reality. If you went through the rather painful items in Delusion, you get to understand why so many people never make their dreams come true. As you feed your desire and lower the items in Part 2 that steal your capacity to manifest this desire, you get strong enough to make a decision. Decision Once you make a decision, you are on a different ball game all together. A decision creates commitment, and 100% commitment makes something a reality sooner than later. Let me reveal the alchemical secret behind a decision: You [Read more.]

Mar 242014
Step up to your purpose with my help NOW.

Reading Time: 7 minutes I have three questions for you. Are you a woman with a purpose? If you are a woman with a purpose, then you know why you came to this earth and what you came here to do. This may be about sharing your unique gifts and talents, following your passion or contributing to a cause that compels you. My next question is: Are you fulfilling your purpose? I believe that our first purpose is to learn, grow and be fully alive and fulfilled. It is about our happiness. But I also believe that in order to be fully alive and fulfilled many of us must be living our meaning and sharing our unique gifts full time with our intended Tribe. As a woman you have a strong sense of service and a strong need to give of yourself to others. This begs another question: If you as a woman give so generously, why are you having so much resistance, doubts and fear about serving others with your unique gifts and talents in the way that makes you happy, ecstatic and [Read more.]

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