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Feb 162015
Check out my New Year's Miracle!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Check out my New Year’s Miracle!   Happy New Year! Happy Self-love Day! Happy Valentine Day! and very happy, extraordinary magical Miracle Day! I’ve been rather quiet these holidays because I gave myself a resting retreat until mid January. Then I gave myself a writing and rehearsing retreat to start the year fresh and doing what I love most. I needed to fill myself with the joy of doing what I love in order that my light could overflow and shower you all year through. I want to share with you the miracle that I received just at the start of this New Year, to give you living proof that your intentions resonate in the universe and become material expressions, attracting that in which you place your attention. I call this your Miracle Days, when things you want, envision or imagine show up in little or big ways to boost your belief. Every Christmas, I meet with a couple of old friends and we dive deeply into what our Soul desires. Then we help each other refine and express our [Read more.]

Sep 232014
Multipotentiality Rocks!

Reading Time: 3 minutes This blog is part of the PuttyFest: A Celebration of Multipotentiality   Multipotentiality Rocks! It all started … well, when I was born, I guess. But for the story’s sake let’s say that it all started when I went to college. Until then I was “just me.” I did not have to choose between writing poetry and studying human nature; being in the drama club or taking dance classes. I did it all because I loved it all. But now I “had” to choose. Would I be an actress or a writer? A dancer or an actress? Would I study psychology or literature? And even as a writer, I was somehow supposed to choose if I was a poet or a fiction writer. Even then I had to choose if I was a novelist, short story writer. Then I had to narrow it down to a genre: would I write fantasy, mystery, fables and so on. If I chose fantasy, that was not enough specialization, either. I had to choose what type of fantasy I would write. Would it be [Read more.]

Apr 182014
Q&A: I can't afford your help

Reading Time: 15 minutes Q&A with the Dream Alchemist I’m worried that I can’t afford to get your help!   Today’s question comes from a beautiful woman whose soul is crying to embody her purpose and live a life of meaning. She is referring to my new group: Dream Crossover MasterSoul Group (beta). She took a courtesy session with me and I gave her a conscious living ritual called “Place the Horse before the Cart” to enable her to join the group. I’ve changed some of the question and circumstances to keep her identity anonymous , so let’s call her “Longing Heart” Question “What is the latest news on the group?  How much is the early bird discount? I’m worried that I may not be able to cover it and want to know the fee as soon as possible. Also, I can see a possible schedule conflict about being in the group for live evening meetings. My computer pretty much died and I’m using a laptop someone gave me, but I don’t have access to the outlook email where I kept all the links. [Read more.]

Jan 222013
Why NOT You? The Secret of believing in your dream

Reading Time: 5 minutes Why NOT You? The Secret of believing in your dream   In her weekend concert at Staples Center Lady Gaga paused in the middle of her performance and said: “Five years ago I was still waiting tables in New York City. Don’t ever give up on your dream!” Lady Gaga did it. Madonna did it. Oprah Winfrey did it. Salma Hayek did it. Thousands of other women have done it before and thousands will do it after. So why do you believe that YOU cannot do it? This article reveals what makes you doubt that your dream is possible and what steals your passion, leaving you flat, tired and defeated. If you want to get out of that trance, keep reading. Come on, don’t try to look strong and like you have all your act together. Don’t hide behind excuses, lack of time and “I only have to do this first” scripts. Been there, done that. You can be honest with me. And above all you NEED to be honest with yourself. Many strong, brilliant, creative and spiritual women look [Read more.]

Oct 092012
Launch your out-of-the-box Success NOW with the help of 20 experts

Reading Time: 5 minutes Launch your out-of-the-box success with the help of 20 success experts in this free full-color inspirational flip-page magazine. The Success Alchemy takes you through the four steps of authentic success for spiritual, creative women. Enjoy this powerful transformation and get free tools from the experts.

Oct 202011
Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success

Reading Time: 6 minutes Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Su c c ess Once Upon a Time casts a spell in your real life. Discover which fairy tale character you are playing out and how it sabotages your success. “Once Upon a Time you were born into a kingdom that badly needed your female leadership, your vision, courage and honesty. But the Evil Queen Witch, feeling threatened by your radiance, placed a curse on you.  Since then, you’ve been drowning your voice and your personal truth.” This story could be about Snow White, but it may as well be about many women in our modern age. Find out if “Once Upon a Time” is casting a spell in your life right now and discover which fairy tale character you are. “Once Upon a Time” is an archetypal phrase. It brings us back into the world of storytelling. But it is also a reminder that this childhood time is still alive inside our real life, here and now. It is trapped in a stupor, like the kingdom in the fairy tales once the princess falls [Read more.]

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