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Feb 162015
Check out my New Year's Miracle!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Check out my New Year’s Miracle!
Happy New Year! Happy Self-love Day! Happy Valentine Day!
and very happy, extraordinary magical Miracle Day!
I’ve been rather quiet these holidays because I gave myself a resting retreat until mid January. Then I gave myself a writing and rehearsing retreat to start the year fresh and doing what I love most. I needed to fill myself with the joy of doing what I love in order that my light could overflow and shower you all year through.

I want to share with you the miracle that I received just at the start of this New Year, to give you living proof that your intentions resonate in the universe and become material expressions, attracting that in which you place your attention.

I call this your Miracle Days, when things you want, envision or imagine show up in little or big ways to boost your belief.

Every Christmas, I meet with a couple of old friends and we dive deeply into what our Soul desires. Then we help each other refine and express our New Year resolution based on that Soul […]

Jan 282015
Story: The Veils, the Shadows and the Swan

Reading Time: 13 minutes Friday Story
The Veils, the Shadows
and the Swan
Alma had exhausted all her money and resources trying to find a way to share her poetry with the world without becoming a starving artist.
I am sick and tired of working two and three jobs while keeping poetry as a hobby. Writing at night exhausts me. I begin my long working day tired and frustrated. But what could I do? Publishers say that poetry does not sell, and I don’t have the money to publish and promote myself. Plus everyone wants poetry to be free, and I can’t live just from the few books sold. The math doesn’t add up. If I could become a great poet, like Maya Angelou or Pablo Neruda. Or maybe a famous performer like Lady Gaga… then perhaps my poetry would inspire millions and I will be able to earn my living from my passion and purpose.
Lost in these thoughts, Alma found herself in a strange vicinity. She was smiling at the last thought of being like Lady Gaga, finding it as outrageous as impossible, when she realized that […]

Dec 122014
Story: The Healing Tears

Reading Time: 4 minutes Friday Story
The Healing Tears
She was seating under a willow tree, remembering what he had said. How could he had been so cruel?
A tear ran through her cheek. Normally, she would have wiped it out and played strong. But her pain was too great to contain it. She did not want to contain it.
“Let it flow,” she thought. “Let it run through me and overflow. Let it flood my life. Let it pour from me into this earth. Mother, take my pain and heal me.”
At that moment the place transformed itself. There was a shift in light and the colors began to glow brighter than ever.
The wind stopped blowing and everything was quiet. The birds stopped singing. The leaves stopped moving.
Yet, there was a leaf in the rose bush in front of her that kept moving.
It moved steadily, while everything remained still.
It caught her attention and she forgot about her pain.
“Finally!” the leaf said in a soft, tiny voice. “At last you allow your tears to flow. I thought you’d die with the poison inside.”
“What… what do you mean?” she asked.
“You’ve […]

Nov 302014
Story: A child's delight-Parenting for Wonder

Reading Time: 2 minutes Friday Story
Perfect for Christmas!
A child’s delight
Parenting for Wonder
I was once again walking through the same bridge in 97th street below which the LI railroad runs. This time there was a father and a little girl watching the train tracks.
There was a train running away and the little girl screamed in delight.
“Woohoo!” said the father, participating in that magic. “It’s so magical!”
I smiled, myself delighted in the train lights. The fall sun was setting and the train lights shone with a golden magic.
But I was also smiling at the delight of that little girl.
And what made my smile go from ear to ear was that the father was receiving the gift of that delight and nurturing it in his little girl.
Oh! Life is magical.
I knew this since I was a little girl watching the energy fields in people, delighting in the wonder of the world. I used to seat in awe as the milk transformed into oatmeal. That’s alchemy… though my mother did not seem to find as fascinating as I did.
As I grew up I also stopped seeing the magic.  […]

Nov 142014
Story: On Track: what to do before you take a photo or push the buy button

Reading Time: 3 minutes Friday Story
On Track
What to do before you take a photo or push the buy button
The mother stopped at the crossroads and pointed down. She and her boy were standing between the two-lanes of Park and Madison Avenues in 97th street.
“Look at the tracks!” the mother pointed out.
The child loved those long rows of iron teeth that single-handedly contained the powerful impetus of the train. He was awed at the marvel of engineering that harnesses speed. But above all, he was invited by the tracks.
You probably know what I mean. There is an archetypal power in train tracks. They invite us to follow their iron steps into the unknown, beyond the horizon.
“I want a train!” the child bawled. “I want the train and the tracks!”
At that moment, the mother had a golden opportunity.
She could have pointed out that possession does not fulfill the invitation.
Instead, she went into the place of her little girl and hurried to assure her boy:
“Alright, we’ll get one for you!”
What if instead of teaching her boy that possession is power, she would have help him understand and […]

Oct 232014
Sorry for the absence-I am in healing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sorry for the absence-I am in healing
I have not posted for a bit more than two weeks, with a few exceptions, and if you’ve missed the daily inspirations or thought I’d forgotten you, that’s not the case, my beloved reader.
I am in healing right now.
Here’s what happened.
You know that saying, when it rains it pours…
Well, it has been like that for a while.  Technical problems snowballed into a big avalanche.
I was already booked to the fullest capacity, finishing the novel to send it to print, finishing two books at different stages of productions and creating several stories for my upcoming Story Lovers Club.
And then the snowball grew.
1. My site was hacked and I had to do WP upgrades and cleansing. Well, my host did it, but that stopped everything for a few day.
2. Then my two membership sites broke because of the upgrades.
3. This sent me –already delayed–into a frenze of finding new memberships and realizing that the flow of delivery and cash flow had been fragmented.
4. So now I had to look at strategic solutions, new software and services […]

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