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Feb 132014
The World you Dream

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was participating in a webinar series for Social Entrepreneurs facilitated by Ryan Eliason and was deeply moved by the vision he inspired us to seek during the first webinar. I’ve been ambivalent as to what to use as the  motivator for my New Year Growth Plan. Should I focus on being specific with the numbers in my goals or nurture a compelling  vision, that taps into my desire and ignites my passion? Ryan helped me understand and heal my ambivalence. His prompt to create a compelling vision remind me of the difference between my Sacred Feminine and my Sacred Masculine.
Making goals I can measure is practical and convinces my logical mind  and Sacred Masculine that I’m doing something “real”.
But “real” for my soul, my Sacred Feminine is something totally different. It is about a compelling vision of my gifts transforming the world to make it the world I Dream of.
It is about moving my heart into action through inspiration and about feeling passionate enough to get up every morning singing and dancing because I’m doing what I’m doing.
Ryan Eliason […]

Feb 102014
Monday Meditation: Interpretation

Reading Time: 2 minutes A friend called me early today. She woke me up.
“Have you seen outside the window?”
“No, I just opened my eyes. Let me see.”
I went to the window and was captured by a sense of awe, by the magic of a world dressed in white, the trees slowly dancing to a silent music, the sky vibrating with tiny snowflakes that joined into a luminous mantle as they reached the ground. Their beauty was breathtaking.
“There’s a snowstorm. It’s a mess out there. I didn’t bring my snow boots, so I’m stranded. It’s going to be like this all week. What a disaster!”
My friend kept on complaining, but her comments were so incongruent with the beauty and the wonder of the world I was seeing, that I hurriedly said goodbye.
I sat by the window contemplating the silent white trees with a smile. An immense feeling of gratitude swell up from my heart and spread through my body.
So much beauty.
The presence of The Divine.
How magical the world is!

And then it dawned on me that we often protest the strongest when we face the greatest […]

Feb 072014
When you do not feel loved

Reading Time: 12 minutes Many of us do not feel truly loved or accepted for who we are. We then try to get this love and acceptance by pleasing others constantly, caretaking (addictive giving and caring) and other-focused living. As a result we betray our own happiness, needs and purpose. This article explores why this happens and gives you tips on how to build your self-love.
The culprit in this state of affairs hides deep within our patriarchal culture, infiltrating the very place where a child is meant to receive unconditional love; the family.
In a utilitarian and competitive culture, the family installs a non-conditional love policy towards the children. As they grow up in the Domestication Trance, children learn that in order to be loved and accepted, they must be and do what the adults expect of them. Any deviation meets with disapproval (in the mildest cases), rejection or punishment in most cases and ~ in the worse scenarios, physical abuse.
Unconditional Love
Children love unconditionally. Unconditional Love is not something that only saints or good mothers attain. It is the very nature of love to be […]

Dec 242013
The Success Seed

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you feel that there is a great distance between where you are and where you want to be…

What is the distance made of?

If you feel that you have yet to work harder and do more to finally embody your life purpose…

What would make you BE your purpose?

If you feel that success is a long way to go…

What would it take for you to FEEL successful?

The distance between you and your Dream is an illusion fabricated by your disbelief.
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The embodiment of your life purpose happens ~not when you become something more~ but when you release the judgment that covers your Essence from your own eyes. Once you see your Essence, you know that YOU are the embodiment of your purpose.

Successis not an external achievement. It is a feeling.
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When you feel that you are perfect for your purpose, you feel successful… and you are!

08 days to 2014

This is the Holiday Countdown to 2014. Each post will bring you a challenge and an inspiration that allows you to get ready for 2014 by creating the building blogs […]

Dec 172013
Your One Click Christmas Gift List

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Christmas is the season of giving… and receiving

Give inspiration. Receive satisfaction.
Give possibility. Receive expansion.
Give healing. Receive renewal.
Support their Dreams.
Feed your Faith.

How it works:

Purchase any of the products included in this Holiday Discount. (See below.)
When you purchase, you can download YOUR gift immediately.
Send your friend a unique greeting card featuring my art to let her know your gift is on the way.
She will receive her gift directly into her email box within 24 hours.

I’ve designed a selection of Egreeting cards featuring the art I’ve created during the past years.
Click on the Egreeting link in the delivery message, and you can easily customized the card with your message and other design elements to let your friend know the gift is coming and make it a special occasion.

Choose from any (or all) of the gifts below.

The Gift of Inspiration

A Place for Roses
Inspirational Novella

A perfect gift for lovers of stories with a strong female protagonist, shamanic stories or inspirational books.As the story opens, it is Christmas, and the shaman prepares to visit her Aunt Emma. Why is she feeling so stressed […]

Oct 202013
Three new magical stories

Reading Time: 5 minutes New Publications!
Three magical new stories
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve added several new categories to the blog. One of them is Story Transmissions.
As a shaman, I am a storyteller. I create stories that inspire and delight. But they are also journeys or bridges that can quickly walk you across great distances if you allow the rich shamanic insights embedded in them.
These Sacred Stories Transmissions are a combination of good fiction reading with shamanic journeys. They transmit new frequencies and open new windows of possibility in your psyche, allowing for instant changes gracefully unfolding without time or effort, which is what we all need in these complicated, accelerated times.
My stories include fantasy, women’s fiction and what I call LifeBites, a bite out of life that captures a real life event and then exposes the life lessons and universal signs in the experience.
That’s pretty much as I experience life. Events are three dimensional. They are:

Outward consequences of individual choices meeting collective choices
Metaphors and mirrors of the inner universe, and
Signs, replies and communication from the Sacred World.

Life is an unfolding expression […]

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