Dec 032014
The Gifts of the three Magi...for you!

Receive the gifts of the Magi
during these Holy Days

In the Latino tradition, the Christmas story reaches its heights after the birth of the baby Jesus, during epiphany, when the Magi brought the newly born Jesus gifts fit for a king or a God.

There were probably many alchemists, astronomers, priests, seers and sages that embark in the long journey to that Bethlehem manger. They were the ones who could foresee the importance of this birth. They were leaders and visionaries. However, in the archetypal story passed on to us, they are all represented by the three Wise Men, three Kings or three Magi.
For these Holy Days, I want to champion you in receiving the three gifts of the Magi because with them you too can become a leader, an alchemist and a visionary.
You can make your dreams come true and embody your purpose for 2015.
Myrrh: the Gift of Being and Becoming
In some versions of the epiphany story the gift of Myrrh is ascribed to Balthazar, the younger alchemist. He is the Magi often portrayed as black-skinned and said to come from […]

Sep 262014
Butterfly You! Magazine: Best of my Blog in an art slideshow

Get the best of my blog this month presented in an art slideshow.

You Live the Story you tell
Poems, Stories and Articles to Live the Story you Want

Beautiful  subscriber —

I’ve done some fun changes in the concept of the Butterfly You! Magazine to make it easier for you to read while connecting you to the best of my blog. Now you can enjoy an inspiring, easy to watch art slideshow. If you like any of the topics, click any slide to go to that article. As always, poetry, prayer and a shamanic story are included, plus new sections for your empowerment and transformation. This new format takes less time to read, so hopefully you will be able to enjoy it more. Let me know what you think!

In this Issue:
This month I’ve been reflecting about how the stories we tell ourselves and others become the life we live. I’ve been diving deeply into the hidden stories: The old, learned and obsolete stories we carry inside us without even realizing it and how they sabotage our manifestation and thwart our desires. How […]

Sep 022014
“I feel inconsequential”

“I feel inconsequential”
 The myth of competency and the power of vulnerability
I was talking to a client recently, and she said something that broke my heart, allowing my love to pour through (find out about the Alchemy of Vulnerability here). She said that she felt deficient and as a result she felt inconsequential, as if her existence did not really matter in the world.
When I asked about her deficiency, it came down to the fact that she had no social skills because she had been sick during most of her childhood, in hospitals and had not developed them. A side effect of that was that her self-esteem was extremely low. She felt that there was something deficient in her as a human being.
When I met her she gave the appearance of being a shy introvert. There were moments when she immediately clamped up. She told me this was a habit to ensure that people did not see how defective she was. About three minutes into any conversation personal questions would come up. She was certain to give away how inadequate she […]

Sep 012014
Tool of the Month: how to create what you want in your life with ease and grace

Tool of the Month:
How to create what you want in your life
with ease and grace

Wouldn’t it be great… To create what you want in your life with ease and grace, without struggle, stress or resistance?
That in itself is a dream come true for most of us!
But you may have a specific dream right now that you are struggling to realize.

Is there an aspect of your life that you are determined to change? For example, your health or your loneliness.
Do you want to create a different quality or texture to your life, work or relationships? For example: More support and less struggle.
Do you want to overcome a challenge that’s been holding you back? For example: procrastination or self-doubt.
Do you want to attract something new, something better for yourself, whether it is money, a soulmate, health or a new job?

Then you want the Life Masterpiece Play Set that I’ve created for this purpose.

It contains the foundational shamanic wisdom from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom, revealing how to use your Human Creative Palette (your creative genius and human faculties) to create what […]

Aug 292014
Story: Faith Manqué

Friday Story

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Faith Manqué
She sat down to meditate three times a day in front of her altar.
She chanted and prayed fervently.
She asked her divinity for help.
She asked her spiritual guides for guidance.
So why was she stuck?
Why was she sick?
Why was she always struggling to make ends meet?
“Darn!” Deidre snapped and got up from her meditation to answer the insistent phone.
“How are you?” Wanda asked.
“So and so,” Deidre responded, feeling under the weather.
“What is the so?” Wanda asked.
“I was meditating,” Deidre said.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Wanda apologized. “Should I call later?”
“No, I was wrapping it up,” Deidre commented.
“Okay, so what’s the other so in your so and so?” Wanda asked laughing.
“Everything hurts, my allergies are under control, but always lurking, depriving me of everything I like to do and eat and I don’t know how I’m going to make ends meet. That and the fact that I have no love life. Correction. I have no life. Just work,” Deidre said in a long rosary of complaints.
“Whoooaaa!” Wanda said. “And this is how you feel just after meditating? I hate […]

Aug 282014
Tap your Storytelling to change your Life Story

Tap your Storytelling
to change your Life Story

So you want to change…
You realize that there are some habits that are stealing your Dream or hindering your ability to live your purpose.
You are committed to this change because achieving these new quality of life is essential to you.
So why are you stuck?
It feels like the Borg in reverse. You are trying to be more of who you are and want to be, but there is a resistance in you that keeps you assimilated to the old learned limitations.

Old stories are ruling your presence and sequestering your future.
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What is going on?
The old stories you learned early in life were embedded with life/death urgency.
At the time you were trying to figure out how the world worked so that you could survive on it. The stories about the world, survival and “how things are” became embedded in your Reptilian Brain, the part of your brain that functions for your survival. It learns fast and forgets with great difficulty.
This is the way that your Reptilian Brain protects your survival. But it also means that […]