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Jul 222014
Wake up Sleeping Beauty!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Too many people are asleep in a trance and the worst part is that they don’t know it. There are four instances when our fears or habits send us in a trance:

Fear to see or know the truth
Avoidance of pain
Resistance to change and need to be in control
Resistance to go deeper, to go beneath ordinary reality into the soul, emotions and spiritual realms of being

Let’s take a look at each one, and let’s switch genders in the examples, because Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is not just a woman’s issue. It can also put a man in a trance.
Fear to see or know the truth
She wanted a boyfriend. She had been without a boyfriend for too long. So she made up her mind to have a boyfriend. So far, so good. Intention and focus are good tools to manifest. Right? Wrong!
She needed to qualify that boyfriend she desired so that it would be someone in harmony with the quality of her Essence and her life. And if those qualities did not show up, she then needed to do the work in herself […]

Mar 272014
Why your Actions are Ineffective

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this post you will discover why your actions are ineffective and how to harmonize the two types of actions you need to create powerful, effective, focused actions that bridge the distance between you and your dreams.
The teaching in this post is a key teaching in my process. I also teach it, hands-on, in the Shapeshift into your Dream Shamanic Journey Series.
Most of us have been taught that in order to “make it happen” we need to take action. And this is true.
But what few people know is that there are two types of actions:

Internal Actions: These are as the term indicates, internal actions ~ processes, emotions, thoughts, intentions and energy flows that affect the energy patterns, frequency and electromagnetic field you emit, thus attracting similar energies and repelling dissonant energies. Internal Actions are in the realm of your Sacred Feminine, your Shakti energy; your emotional, soulful and creative aspects and your right brain hemisphere.
Examples of Internal Actions: release attachments, let go of outcome, allow, receive, change your vibrational frequency, clear your intention, channel or transmute emotions, forgive, accept, coherence, […]

Mar 262014
Event: Shapeshift into your Dream

Reading Time: 5 minutes Shapeshift into your Dream is a shamanic journey to reclaim your Shapeshifting abilities and use this power consciously to embody your purpose and become your dream now.
“My shapeshifting abilities?” you may be asking yourself. “I don’t know how to shapeshift!”
I beg to disagree. You, like most of us, are a consummate shapeshifter.
You, the shapeshifter
You are not the same in every situation. You do not behave in the same way with everyone.
Think about it.
Who are you when you are with your parents? With your spouse? Your boss? Your children?
These are different aspects of your personality, sure. But do you realize that in each of these situations you change:

Your voice
Your posture and physical stance, even the shape of your body may change
Your perspective
Your level of confidence
Your communication approach and proficiency

I have seen changes in people that you would find hard to believe, but with keen observation and detaching from the collective trance, you may also see what I constantly see:
People suddenly changing their:

Eye color
Hair Texture
Body shape

What participants have said about the
Shapeshift into your Dream Journeys

“WoW!!!! I MOVED! Incredible!”
“Wow, that is great. […]

Mar 192014
Want to Change your Life? Change your Song!

Reading Time: 3 minutes You are a vibration in a world of vibrating energy. You were born with music inside you that no one else has heard or played since the beginning of time and no one else will hear or play throughout infinity. The vibrational frequency of your potential pulsates within you, longing to burst out into the ever-growing, always unfolding composition that exists within you.
But during your formational years as a human being others threw your vibrational potency off key by imposing their own frequencies on you at a time when you did not have the maturity to distinguish. They were teaching you the song of life, and you trusted them and learned their song. Mostly, they meant no harm, but they threw you off key because their own song had been thrown off key. It’s part of the journey on Earth; to be thrown off-key in order to find your true key.
If you are not living the life you want, if you are not deeply filled and happy with the way you live, the work you do or your relationships; then […]

Dec 212013
Seek to See

Reading Time: < 1 minute What is the fastest way to personal freedom?
Seek to see.
Seek to see what you are unable to see now.
Seek that your eyesight be expanded to encompass a larger viewpoint and a diversity of perspectives.
Seek that your mind be streeeetched and more of it used to leave old frontiers behind and venture into new territories of understanding and perception.
Seek that your perception be turned upside down and inside out, until you can see multiple dimensions of reality.

Seek that your fears and hideouts be blast open, leaving you vulnerable, naked in the face of infinite possibilities.
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Seek that your consciousness suffers renovation, like an old, tiny house that is broken apart, its wall brought down, its ceiling blown apart; and then put back together into more, larger rooms, a higher ceiling and 360 degrees new views.
Pray constantly:
“May I be guided to see what I am missing now.
May I be guided to step dancing into mystery.
May I be kicked out of my Comfort Zone.
May I be thrown into that which I fear the most.
May I walk through fear into freedom.”
11 days to […]

Oct 062013
Why you need a Chrysalis to become a Butterfly

Reading Time: 6 minutes

In this article you will explore the magical moment into which you shapeshift from Caterpillar Self to… something else. Why do you need a chrysalis? Discover how Shapeshifting requires a structure that holds the form you will take!
This is the second article in a series of articles describing Your Flight to Greatness: your Metamorphosis from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman.
Use the tabs above to move through the articles in the series.
When does Caterpillar end?
When does caterpillar first undergo its transformation?
When it stops identifying itself as caterpillar. Caterpillar lets go of the caterpillar cells, and they turn to mush, literally. Caterpillar is no longer!
At the core, the release of your Caterpillar Self is grounded in the inner knowing that you are truly, really Butterfly. It is a surrendering to your potential as your core truth, your reality.
You stop dreaming with “getting there.” Instead you assume the dream and let go of the limitations that have been embedded into your Social Identity, making you feel that you are not there yet.
You’ve probably heard that in order to embrace your brightest potential, […]

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