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Mar 132015
Story: A New Instar for Melba

Reading Time: 3 minutes Friday Story:
A New Instar for Melba
As he walked out the door, suitcases in hand, Melba fell to the floor bawling.
“Why? Why me? Why now?” she cried in wolfish howls that shook her body.
“I’ve been trying so hard! And this is my reward?” she screamed, raising her fist to the sky.
When she exhausted her tears and her anger, she curled in her bed, still mumbling her questions.
“It seems that the more I work towards my growth, the smaller my world becomes,” she whispered as she nodded.
“It seems that the more I learn, the more pain I experience,” she mumbled as she fell into Dreamtime.
She was so hungry. She tried to move, but it was quiet difficult. All those legs! The multi-tasking was outrageous. It took her hours just to coordinate her legs so that she could give one step after the next. She was ravenous now. She crunched and munched her way to one leaf, then another. By the time nighttime came she had eaten several plants. Then the pains began. Horrible contractions crushed her from the outside. She got very […]

Jan 132015
Soul Hatching Meditation

Reading Time: 7 minutes My New Year’s Gift for you
Soul Hatching Meditation
You have probably learned that it takes hard work to make your dream happen. You have come to believe that in order to fully embody the purpose for which you were born, you need to improve yourself in a variety of ways. As a result of this training every time you think of what you want to accomplish or who you want to be, a long list of to-dos and fix-me-ups runs through your mind. It may look something like this:
First, I have to stop wasting time watching TV and use that time better. And I can’t go to sleep so late at night because I don’t have energy the next day. Once I do that… Oh, yes, and I must stop getting angry at every little frustration. I need to learn more patience. And how about my technophobia? Until I get better at using technology, I won’t really be able to do what I want. Not to mention my neediness. I must stand stronger and let go of my need to be […]

Nov 072014
Is this your biggest flaw?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is this your biggest flaw?
Are you so scared of not being perfect
that you are pushing your allies away?
I know a woman who is extraordinary. She single-handedly accomplishes every year achievements beyond what most others do in a lifetime.
She complains that she does everything with great effort, alone, without support.
But here’s what she does not WANT to know:
Her biggest flaw is that she does not want to have flaws.
When anyone points a mistake to her, she gets outraged.
For her, that is the same as threatening her identity.
So she attacks the person relentlessly. Anything the other person says becomes in her eyes an attack, so she defends herself.
The truth is that she is the one doing the attacking. Every time she believes she is being attacked, she is just being told something that she is not seeing and that —if she would let it in, would solve her problems.
But instead, she sees that critique or observation as an attack on her identity.
Because she believes that in order to be truly worthy of love, success, basically anything, really… she must be perfect. As […]

Oct 062014
What are you saying?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Monday Meditation
What are you Saying?
Do you complaint about what you don’t have…
when you are doing nothing to get it?
Do you go on about how your life is such a disappointment …
when you are not willing to risk believing
it could be different?
Do you blame others, fate or childhood
for the limitations you are not willing to change?
Do you pray and affirm and when it does not happen,
you conclude that you were right all along
when you secretly knew that it would not be any better?
Because life does not bring you want you want.
Life brings you what you are.
Life does not bring you what you speak from the tongue out.
Life brings you what you say inside yourself,
with the belief you embrace,
the thoughts you feed with your emotions,
the expectations you set.
So what are you REALLY saying?
Hear your words out there.
Then turn within to your feelings and hear what you are saying.
Hear what you say out loud.
Then look at what you say with your actions and choices.
Hear what you tell others.
Then listen to what you tell yourself.
So, what are you really saying?

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Sep 152014
Tool of the Month for you: Change your Story, Change your Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tool of the Month for you:

Tool to: Change your Story, Change your Life

Here’s the Tool of the Month I’ve create for you.

Do you feel that there’s some invisible limit, like an invisible wall or a blind spot that’s blocking your progress or manifestation?
Do you feel that you are caught in a loop, that you are able to get so much done, grow so far or get that close to your Dream or purpose… and then something pulls you back into the loop and you are spinning again in an old familiar place?

The reason for this is that you are trapped in a life story that was either written for you early on or you’ve written it probably subconsciously, an you are not playing out that story in your life.
You are a trapped in a role within that story. To change your life past a certain set point, you need to change your story.
And that’s the latest tool I’ve developed for you. It’s called:

This alchemical process combines storytelling, tapping and an alchemical process that changes your Energy Broadcast […]

Aug 192014
Need a change? Create an Act of Power

Reading Time: 2 minutes Need a change? Create an Act of Power
It’s 2014 and if an alien looks down on earth she may not understand why we are called Human Beings. It seems we are more Human Doings than anything else! So much action and activity, so much busyness!
Yet, for all our doing, we are often ineffective in our enterprises because we do not distinguish between an action and an Act of Power.
An Act of Power is a shamanic term for a process that allows you to transform your life, implement the changes you want or manifest what you desire. This process incorporates both, Internal Actions and External Actions. For this reason, its effects are radical, long lasting and alchemical.
An Act of Power is made of smaller units, called Tasks of Powers.
Here’s an example of how it works. It is based on a year in which I dedicated the entire year to one Act of Power: Loving and accepting myself unconditionally.
Act of Power:
Strengthening my self-love and to love and accept myself unconditionally, without judgment.
Time period:
This year (New Year’s Resolution)
Tasks of Power:

Affirmation Practice: Every […]

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