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May 052015
Dream Creation Series: Part 1: To Dream is not enough

Reading Time: 4 minutes

SERIES: Dream Creation: From Desire to Embodiment
To Dream is not Enough
Today is tough love day here.

It simply breaks my Warrioress’ heart when I see so many of you longing, struggling and hungering for your Dreams or purpose… and then judging and shaming yourself because you are not embodying it yet.*
I often talk about the process of creating and manifesting —and I usually start from the inside out —because that’s how wings are grown. In my experience, without the intentional, emotional and energetic processes that I call Internal Actions— even if you take action, it will be ineffective.
But today I want to focus on something else. I want to reveal to you the force that is probably swallowing your Dream right now. This influence devours the Dreams of millions of people. About 95% of those who are not creating their Dream right now are in the grip of this monstrous force.
Here’s the raw true:
It is not enough to want.
You may want something with all your heart. You may want it so bad it hurts.
But that won’t make it happen.


Mar 172015
Self-assessment: Caterpillar or Butterfly, which one are you?

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Is this You?
Are you trapped inside your Caterpillar Self or
ready to fly into your Butterfly Self?
Self-assessment tool

Each of the areas below has 10 items, each worth 1 point. The more points you have in any area, the more your Caterpillar Self is dominating and your Butterfly Self is being held back.
Click to here read about your Journey from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self
A. Power, Career and Money
1. There must be a key ingredient missing from your Power Pie because you really don’t feel powerful —though you know that you are not powerless.
2. You feel like the Brave Dutch Boy, perpetually with your finger in the hole, dealing with emergencies and crisis. How can you take time to strategize, to reflect on your career, to create systems for your business?
3. You can’t find a way to position yourself in your field. What is your uniqueness? What value do you bring to others? How are you different from other experts or service providers?
4. Being the boss for you seems about sending others to do the real job while you spend your time […]

Jul 182014
Why do you resist what you want?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Quotes by Maria Mar

Resistance is walking against the Winds of Change. When you resist you cannot receive.

Think about it…
Why do you resist what you want?
You resist something you want because it’s new and therefore you are not familiar with it. This leaves you paddling in the murky waters of the past, full of debris and waste. As long as you resist the unfamiliar you are unable to unable to move to new, fresh waters.
Anything that you want is by definition new, otherwise you’d have it already. But your RAS, your Reticular Activating System, does not allow anything in that is not familiar.
It especially repels anything that is not congruent with who you feel yourself to be.
What can you do to stop resisting?
The response is in your Internal Actions such as allowing, listening and receiving.
These subtle intentional processes do several things:

Allowing tells RAS that it’s OK, that this is part of who you are. Pushing will only get more pushing… back.
Listening allows you to find the way in which what you desire is familiar, so that it can then be accepted […]

Jul 172014
Swimming against the current

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Quotes by Maria Mar

When your Emotional Undertow drags you back, you never get to the shore of your Dream.

Think about it…
When you feel that you are swimming against the current, that your goal or dream is moving farther away… what do you do?
If you are like most people, you swim harder and faster. You struggle and work harder because that’s what you’ve learned to do.
In fact, surrendering is the solution.
Surrendering ~not in defeat, not to give up or conform~ but to listen, to allow whatever resistance force is working invisibly in the depth to come up and become visible and tangible.
What you find out often is that the force is your Emotional Undertow.
This is the quagmire of old, toxic emotions that have been repressed and driven into your subconscious, becoming an emotional swamp.
These muddy waters are activated any time a familiar trigger is pressed. Then all the feelings you’ve accumulated of similar situations and past experiences with their old, repressed emotional responses is agitated within you and begins to pull you down and under, away from your goal.
The overwhelming emotional […]

Jul 162014
What is freedom?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Quotes by Maria Mar

We usually seek freedom because we want to be free from or free for. You may want to be free from pain or free to do what you want. In both cases, you are running from yourself. This is not the path to freedom.

Think about it…
When you seek to be free from, you are running from yourself by escaping your past.
Your perception is that something that has happened to you holds you a prisoner.
Therefore, you are relinquishing your freedom as the creator of your life. You are not recognizing that you are your own prison. You are giving away your power to your past. You are not free.
When you seek freedom for, you are running from yourself towards the future.
Your perception is that something in the future holds a key to your happiness.
Therefore, you are once again relinquishing your freedom as the creator of your life. This time you are not recognizing that the only time you have is the present, and your choices and perceptions in the present create or co-create that which you are trying […]

Jul 152014
What is creativity?

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Quotes by Maria Mar

Creativity is a magical, powerful force that links your imagination and emotions to generate change, innovation, art and transformation within and around you.

Think about it…
There would be no civilization without creativity. It is the force behind any innovation, discovery or invention.
So why are we lead to believe very early on that art is superfluous, a luxury and not a need?
If a society wants genius, innovation and leadership, it promotes the arts. It promotes free out-of-the-box thinking. It cultivates creativity.
If a society wants drones to do mindless labor and all it wants from them is to follow instructions, then it promotes obedience, do-as-you-are-told, draw-inside-the-line and “back to the basics.” (It can never be forward. This is a retrograde approach.)
Which would you rather your society promote?
Which would you rather be?
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