Feb 182015

Mother Earth Totem
Enjoy this exquisite wood carving by Veronica (Ronnie) Sexton. I see it as a totem calling us to the Healing of Gaea.
Here are the words of the artist.
“Mother Earth-Gaia, She who has given us every meal that we have eaten, the air that we breath the water that we drink. In ancient times we knew this and we worshipped and honoured Her. We knew Her rhythms and Her cycles. The leaves set in resin represent Autumn one of the four seasons. Just as there are days in the week, seasons in the year, we are now living in the age of Kali Yuga the last of the quarter of a larger cycle. We are living in a time of great change and destruction on this planet. The rocks that sit in drops are the tears of sadness for the rape and abuse caused to Mother Earth-Gaia almost to the point of Her complete destruction.
“The sculpture Mother Earth is carved as a reminder of the never ending love She has for us Her children. We have free will, so […]

Feb 162015
Check out my New Year's Miracle!

Check out my New Year’s Miracle!
Happy New Year! Happy Self-love Day! Happy Valentine Day!
and very happy, extraordinary magical Miracle Day!
I’ve been rather quiet these holidays because I gave myself a resting retreat until mid January. Then I gave myself a writing and rehearsing retreat to start the year fresh and doing what I love most. I needed to fill myself with the joy of doing what I love in order that my light could overflow and shower you all year through.

I want to share with you the miracle that I received just at the start of this New Year, to give you living proof that your intentions resonate in the universe and become material expressions, attracting that in which you place your attention.

I call this your Miracle Days, when things you want, envision or imagine show up in little or big ways to boost your belief.

Every Christmas, I meet with a couple of old friends and we dive deeply into what our Soul desires. Then we help each other refine and express our New Year resolution based on that Soul […]

Sep 012014
Tool of the Month: how to create what you want in your life with ease and grace

Tool of the Month:
How to create what you want in your life
with ease and grace

Wouldn’t it be great… To create what you want in your life with ease and grace, without struggle, stress or resistance?
That in itself is a dream come true for most of us!
But you may have a specific dream right now that you are struggling to realize.

Is there an aspect of your life that you are determined to change? For example, your health or your loneliness.
Do you want to create a different quality or texture to your life, work or relationships? For example: More support and less struggle.
Do you want to overcome a challenge that’s been holding you back? For example: procrastination or self-doubt.
Do you want to attract something new, something better for yourself, whether it is money, a soulmate, health or a new job?

Then you want the Life Masterpiece Play Set that I’ve created for this purpose.

It contains the foundational shamanic wisdom from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom, revealing how to use your Human Creative Palette (your creative genius and human faculties) to create what […]

May 142014
An Experience: Be in the Flow

I’m working to enrich my awareness of my connection to the Unifying Field and my broadcast to the field in order to fine-tune my manifestation.
Last week I decided to dance in/with The Field.
My intention was to “give” and to “receive” to allow abundance to flow from me and to me, so that I could more easily and gracefully flow abundance.
But when I started dancing in/with the flow, something amazing happened that blew my mind!
There was no specific moment to “give” or “receive”.
In fact, I could not open my hand to give or receive or stop the hand in that gesture. It was all waves of flow going in and out without freezing at any point, a movement similar to the infinity symbol.
I was being guided by a friend who is an expert in movement for healing and transformation and she told me that the movements I was doing were the movements of the heart and circulatory system!
I physically experienced that there is no such thing as “giving” to “Other” and “receiving” for “me” because there is no other and me. […]

Nov 132013
Art as alchemy

The magic of art is multi-dimensional. For centuries and in every culture, shamans, healers and alchemists have used art as one of the main processes for transformation.
Art allows something that is invisible or abstract to become visible and tangible. It is therefore the bridge to bring something into the time/space continuum that defines our reality.
Whether you are writing a poem or a story, drawing or painting, singing, playing an instrument, acting or dancing, know the elements that imbue the process of creating art (in any medium) with transmutation power:

Intention: Comes from the heart, unlike will power that comes from the mind. Tap into the true desire of your heart as clearly as possible and let it spread with joy and gratitude as you create the piece.
Emotion: Love-based emotions expand. They allow you to nurture the transmutation, to enhance what is and attract the best possibilities. Fear-based emotions constrict. They need to be transmuted or they’ll hold old patterns in place. They lock things in place and close you off from the environment, creating separation. Strong emotions imbue the object and […]

Oct 062013
Buttterfly Woman emerges

In this article you will explore the essential role of imagination and creativity in your journey to embody your purpose and manifest your dream. You will find out the key focus that will carry you from “here” to “there.”
This is the third article in a series of articles describing Your Flight to Greatness: your Metamorphosis from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman.
Use the tabs above to move through the articles in the series.
Butterfly You
At the very core, the metamorphosis of Caterpillar You into Butterfly You is about:

Releasing your Social Identity as Caterpillar Self and owning your radiant Essence and its unique gifts.
Touching the seed of perfection within you to experience that you are perfect for your purpose.
Aligning your emotions, thoughts and actions with your true nature, your Butterfly Self.

And that’s easier said than done. Here’s why:
As I described in the previous article, once caterpillar has turned to mush, new cells begin to emerge. They are called Imaginal Cells and no one knows how they come into being. They are not the caterpillar’s cells. They are not the mush cells. They are […]