Dec 042014
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Book of the Year Award:

Love and the Mystery of Betrayal


“From all the books I’ve reviewed in 2014,this moving story and compelling journey is the uncontested winner!” Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist



Book of the Year Award: Love and the Mystery of Betrayal~

Author: Sandra Lee Dennis

If you have gone through the trauma of betrayal, no matter how long ago it was~ get this book immediately and clear time not just for reading; for healing. The journey through this book is a healing experience that helps us to understand what we’ve gone through, to name the invisible, hidden cracks this trauma inflicted in our psyche, to validate our soulful intuition and finally to help us emerge into an ecstatic experience of self-love and higher love. If you are going through the trauma of betrayal now, get many copies of the book. One if for you. The other is for your closest friends and relatives; your support system, and one or two for the healer or therapist of your choice. This book is your blueprint through the dark stormy seas of betrayal into the harbor of radiant health. If someone you love has gone or is going through a betrayal, get two copies. One for you and one for that person. Read yours carefully so that you know how to talk to this person in ways that truly support her and how NOT to talk to her so that you don’t join the many insensitive voices that add salt to injury. This book is a sacrament for those who have been anointed with the dark ashes of betrayal. Keep reading.


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