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As a member of our MagicMark your Life Tribe, you are now joining a tribe of spiritual creative women (and some brave men) who are returning the inherent magic of life to their days.

You are a woman who wants to change your story from one of playing small to illuminating the world with your brilliance.

Now you are under my TLC magic, and you will receive inspiration and resources to turn your magic on every day for yourself and those whose life you touch.

You will automatically receive some resources, but for some you need to sign up here, so that I know what to send you and don’t end up spamming you. (I hate spamming! I only want to send you what will make your life a magical adventure of growth, creativity, freedom and beauty.)

You will begin your journey right now by receiving three inspiring experiences:

  • Our Welcome Package with a set of Welcoming Emails that will let you know how to benefit from your subscription.

  • A free ecourse, 5 Steps into your Greatness: From Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self, with one lesson per week.

  • And right now you can enjoy the current issue of our bimonthly magazine: Butterfly You! Magazine  (Click link to enjoy it in a new tap.) This is the best of my blog, lovingly selected to inspire you and help you shed Caterpillar You! and open your butterfly wings. I will send you monthly notice for you to enjoy each copy.


Resources that you will receive automatically
as a member of the MagicMark your Life Tribe:

  • My monthly Love Letter to my Sister, where I share what I’ve been discovering, learning and observing in life that can help you make your life extraordinary and help you embody your purpose and build your dreams. This is a two-way communication. You can reply!

  • The Best of my Blog  with the best from my blog. This includes articles to break free from limitations, express your unique gifts, manifest your dreams, awaken the Sacred Feminine and make your life extraordinary.

  • VIP Notices, which include event notices and member discounts. I’ll send this out when there’s an announcement. You’ll be the first one to get Early Bird Discounts, and you’ll get special BIG discounts as a member of my Tribe for most of the events or products I create.

  • Extraordinary Tools for an extraordinary life: Resources, books, experts, authors, teachers and other resources you may want to check out to reach your goals. I’ll send this out about once a month, with all the resources I’ve gathered for you.

  • Seasonal Egreetings with my poetry and art and sometimes gifts to celebrate special days.

  • The Tool of the Month: Every month I create something for you. A story, an audio, or a new event. I will send you notice to you first, as the VIP you are.


For the rest of the tools below, you need to choose what you want. Don’t get too carried away. There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing! LOL


Blog send outs

1-minute Daily Inspirations

·         Weekly Blog Digest




Life is Poetry Ezine


Join These Passion Clubs

Creative Genius Club



Storytelling Club


Crafty Chicas with Wings Club


Grow your Goals Free Courses

These are free, limited time courses based on our article archive. You will receive a weekly newsletter that includes an article and a practice or action to do to implement it. You will also receive notices of premium articles or products related to your topic.

If you need a start-up push, tools for your goals or support on staying on-course, get any this limited-time courses.

I recommend you do one at a time because they include tasks and if you choose more than one course you will be overwhelm and that’s a sneaky way of sabotaging yourself. You can always come back to this page and choose another course!


Course 1: Express! Share your unique gifts and talents to make a BIG difference in the world


Course 2: Emerge!: Break Free and Grow Wings


Course 3: Attraction Passion: Activate the Law of Attraction



You can bookmark this page to come back to register for any of these resources at any time.

About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.