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“I am Lovable Giveaway”

Join the “I am Lovable Giveaway” to win a free, specially autographed copy of my novel “Angelina & the Law of Attraction”.
Holiday Giveaway-win a free copy of the novel

Read about how lovability is the key to manifestation in my holiday post here.

How to join the Giveaway:

Step 1: Just hit here to email me.
Step 2: In your email, include the following: your name, place where you live (New York, New York, USA, for example) and 10 reasons why you are lovable just the way you are.
Step 3: Click the share buttons in this blog to share this page in your favorite media. Include me in the sharing and you will get a coupon to get a free copy of the storybook “Santa is Real” (An inspirational Santa Claus story for adults or for those you stop believing in Santa.) Everyone who shares and lets me know gets a free coupon!

What do the winners receive?

PRIZE 1:The Novel

You get either a paperback (USA only) or digital version of my novel Angelina & the Law of Attraction (A Woman’s Ride from her Pressing Problems to her Brightest Potential).

Holiday Giveaway-win a free copy of the novelAngelina is at the edge of giving up on her talents to follow an average formula for success. Just then her desperate soul summons a magical being who detours the train. Will Angelina trust this guide and save her dream? Or will she continue to her planned destination, missing her great destiny?

“Angelina and the Law of Attraction (A Woman’s Ride from her Pressing Problems to her Brightest Potential)” is an inspirational fantasy that takes you into a magical journey. Seat besides Angelina in the Dream Express as the whimsical Dragonfly Diva guides her through overwhelming fears, seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenge after challenge —many of them unwittingly created by Angelina herself.

This full length shamanic fantasy includes a bonus package. I am constantly creating Story Alchemy resources for you to go beyond reading and ride the story to your real life dream. The Story Alchemies for this story include the Dream Express suitcase, Ceremonial Dream Baskets and a Catch the Dream Express Story Journeys with me as your personal guide. Reading the novel is the first adventure to step into the magic of living your dream.

PRIZE 2: The Insight Special Autograph

In both cases, the winner gets a specially written autograph with a shamanic insight that comes through just for them.

What will happen?

I will print your email and place it in a basket. During my January 2 New Year Ceremony I will ask the participants to choose 2 entries from the basket.
  • If you are in the USA, you get the paperback edition sent to you.
  • If you live anywhere else, you get the digital version of the novel sent to you. My digital version includes most known formats for all your devices.
  • All final decisions or changes to the giveaway are based on my criteria and are final.
  • I have no control on when the prize/gifts reaches you. I will let you know when it’s in your way via email. The paperback takes more time, so you will probably get it about the end of January.
  • Entries are accepted until January 31 at midnight.
Go ahead, share the 10 top reasons
why you are lovable just the way you are.

Click the button to email me your entry.

Entitled your email: My entry to the “I AM LOVABLE” Giveaway.




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