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In summary, here’s what to do when you meet what you perceive as “negative” comments or even hateful ones:

  • Open your mind, heart and ears to all feedback. There are golden nuggets, new insights and sometimes even treasures. This response will dissolve the fear that holds you back and install a desire to connect to potential clients and contributors to grow and enrich your creations. 
  • What you offer the world is the beginning of a conversation. You are not in this alone. Focus on those who receive you, those who are seeking for your solutions and gifts. Place your attention there while listening to their feedback. Anyone who takes the time to speak their truth in response to your input, deserves your attention. 
  • Sift through negativity to find the contributions of  the Naysayers in your life. 
  • Haters insult, shame and steal energy. Ignore the Haters. Don’t feed them your attention. Delete their comments or ban them from your conversations and curate your comments to keep a good, healthy level of conversation.
  • Don’t confuse any comment that you interpret as negative as a Hater. In fact, expect 80% of feedback to be a contribution, even when you may not like it at first.
  • Before you dismiss the Haters and Naysayers, look at how they are Sacred Mirrors and heal those parts of you that may resonate with their Shadows.
  • Your contribution to the world is not a monologue. It is a conversation. When you do things that impact others, it is fair that they have a say on it. Respect your followers, audiences, readers and clients and what they have to say.
  • Fear of criticism is the way your ego is not your amigo. Shift from fear of criticism to a curiosity about how your Tribe, readers and audiences feel, how you are impacting them, what legacy you are leaving and how you are touching them. This allows you to receive their feedback as a contribution to improve your creations and relationships.  
  • And that shifts this entire conversation, dispels the fear and transmutes it into a passion for service and connection. 

I call that a happy ending!


What do you think?


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