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 But before you dismiss Haters and filter golden nuggets from Naysayers, take a good look at the Mirror.

Wait! Don’t leave your chair! I’m not telling you to stop reading and look at yourself in the mirror on your bathroom wall. LOL!

I mean that you should look at those people as Sacred Mirrors. In the Eyes of the Shaman, we are all one, expressions of divinity that mirror each other like the Jewels in Indra’s Net.

Are these people mirroring something deep inside you that you need to address?

  • Is the Hater that calls you “a looser” a mirror to your own Shadow that keeps your authority in shackles because you are afraid that your dream is too great for you, that you don’t deserve it, that “who are you” to dream it?
  • Is the Naysayer who warns you that you will fail a mirror to your own fear that if you take action you will find out that it was not possible and then you won’t have a dream?

See your Shadows, fears, false beliefs, learned expectations and limiting interpretations in those Naysayers and Haters so that you can release them.

You may end up being grateful to them! LOL!


There is one more commenter that is important to recognize.

Not everyone who says something “negative” about your work is a Naysayer or Hater.

In fact, 80% or more of what people call “negative” comments are blessings in disguise.

You heard right.

Most of the time this person whom you are LABELING a Naysayer or Hater is a messenger from The Divine or even a potential client.

It is you who is interpreting their comment as negative, not them who intend to say something negative or hurt you.

Let’s see an example from my own commenting

“Yes, that video was moving, but it is a manipulation from the advertiser. If you read the hidden message, it is shaming people who are unemployed because they want to sell insurance to  people. They are preying on shame and on our fear of not being good enough to increase their sales.”

This is the short version of a comment I left on a thread where everyone was praising a video telling a sentimental story of an Asian father who lied to his daughter about being well and then went on a desperate struggle to get a job because he had been unemployed for a long time. The story was told by the little girl, which made it more endearing… and more manipulative and shaming.

Was I a naysayer among the long line of commenters who praise the tear-jerker? Was I a cynic? That is up to your interpretation.

From my shamanic perspective, this Asian man in the movie was being shamed and the public was being manipulated. And the fact that it was an ad did not escape my business eyes.

While others can see me as a Naysayer or a cynic, I did my job of awakening people, opening their eyes so that they do not feel shamed for not having money and shifted their perception that children should be kept ignorant of what is happening in the family or send a message that not having money is shameful and makes you powerless ~which gives your power away to money and perpetuates poverty through generations.


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