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Haters are Poison

More times than not, Naysayers are negative or jealous people. But not always. Sometimes they are people who love you and mean you well but cannot see what you see or believe in your dream, so they are worried about you. (And they can also be jealous. Human beings are so paradoxical that we are not easily boxed.)

The same is not true about Haters. They are poison.

Haters are those people who will:

  • Insult and shame you in the comments to your video, blog post or update.
  • Will purchase your product with the sole purpose of stealing it and then asking for a refund insulting you and badmouthing you and even getting you into trouble with fiscal agencies… so that they can then change your product a little bit, or not even that and sell it themselves. Oh, yes. That happens.
  • Lie about you. While Naysayers may pass on gossip or misinterpret you; haters will flat out lie.

Why are haters like that? Are they the bad guys?

Yes… and no.

They are Toxic people, be clear on that.

But they are also deeply wounded, bitter human beings who prefer to blame others and feed on their hate than to forgive, release and move on. They are drowning in their own poison and any little thing they face is an excuse to spread that venom around while rising the depth of their own toxic swamp… until they are consumed by it.

Of course, this could be the definition of every villain in fiction and history! LOL!

And here I agree with Jeff.

The best thing to do with haters is to ignore them.

If they get into your comments, I personally recommend to delete their comment and ban them if you can.

Why? Don’t I believe in Democracy?

Haters are the dark side of democracy and those of us who believe in democracy often tolerate its evils because we believe that this is the price to pay.

While that may be generally true, you have authority over your blog and your site and you want to keep the energy frequency at a higher level.

Democracy has its weaknesses, true. But that doesn’t mean I have to watch a reality show in which people are shamed and manipulated or buy pornography. I have a choice, and that choice shapes collective consciousness and therefore defines the level of democracy as much as the Hater’s right to comment allows it.

There’s another reason.

One of the ways haters thrive is by feeding on the chaos they create. Their hateful, shaming, poisonous comments upset people.

Those upset people do either of three things:

  • They bring out their own fears and Shadows, and the conversation is highjacked to the level of the hater,
  • Their egos get activated and they go on an opinionated rampage (often a defensive response) ~which again lowers the level of the conversation. Instead of a vulnerable, honest conversation you get a bunch of opinions and arguments, or
  • They try to convince or fix the hater, in which case the hater got the attention anyway.

That is why If I can, I delete Haters from my comment threads.

I want to keep the comments on the topic and I want to keep the conversation healthy and respectful because those are the people I want to attract.

Ignore Haters. That is the worst thing you can do to them because they WANT to steal your energy. Do not give it to them or you will end up poisoned and in dire need of a cleansing.

Next: Mirror, mirror in the wall…Before you dismiss “negative” comments, take a look!

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