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That said, we all know that there are negative people and envious people.

  • They will discourage you from doing your dream.
  • They will point to all the negative “whatifs.”
  • They will list all the facts that prove it is a folly to go for your desires.

Good for them!

What? Have I gone mad?

No. But I’m going to lend you the Eyes of the Shaman for you to see the flip side of Naysayers.

The role of Naysayers is double.

On one side they are there for a reason ~like your own Shadows. That reason is to warn you. Yes, they focus on the negative and do not believe in the positive. But they bring the negative to the foreground so that you can TAKE CARE to AVOID IT.

How do you like that flip?! LOL!

If you listen to all their failure and warning stories in Detachment, you can fish the nuggets of wisdom, common-sense and sound strategy hidden in the dark waters of their negative trivia.

This can help you to avoid going into your dream with starry eyes and no ground below your feet. When you go like that into a dream (or into a relationship, or into anything) you will fail and you will be disappointed because you were not walking on solid ground and you were blinded by “positive thinking.”

Shamans are often described as human beings who have one foot in this world and another in other dimensions, so that they can journey to those dimensions to find helping spirit or energy patterns causing disease.

Do you know that in those Shamanic Journeys shamans often work with drummers or singers?

The shaman goes into other dimensions to track down an evil or disease. But she employs a trained drummer or singer to work with her. Why? Because the rhythm or song is a rope that keeps the shaman tied to the “real world” and thus she can reel herself to reality when the time comes.

When you see Naysayers with the compassion and clarity that you should be using to see your Shadows, ~without judgment, yet without giving your power to them~ but instead use them as your preventive and grounding medicine ~you will not be stopped or scared by them.

You will use them as the shaman uses the song… as a rope to return back to reality with her precious helping spirit or energy solution.

  • Yes, Naysayers, especially if they are addicted to negativity are supremely annoying, even debilitating.
  • No, I don’t recommend living among naysayers. You need a supportive environment to create the life you dream.

But when you bump into them… or they bump into you, now you know what to do.


Next: Haters are Poison…but even poison can be medicinal!

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