Dec 042014

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December 2014

The Gift of the Magi

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Inside this Issue:

  • Three Real-life Stories showing how adults and parents influence children. You will be enchanted… and surprised!
  • Gratitude Poem: Is it possible to be grateful for problems? Find out!
  • Create your Life Prayer: A Prayer that serves as your unique manifestation mantra
  • ARTspirations – Enjoy a handful of inspiring quotes and images.
  • Who are you? Do you Know? Personal Identity and manifestation
  • What are you saying? How your words create your life
  • Emotional Mastery: Are you responding or reacting?
  • How much is your Happiness worth… in Minutes? If you’re fed up with the same old.. dare to read this article!
  • Book of the year award goes to: Love and the Mystery of Betrayal
  • Expert of the year award goes to: Tanya Torres, Selling your Art
My Christmas Card and Gift:
The gifts of the Magi… for you!
Take a Butterfly Break now and enjoy the beautiful slideshow, with inspiration, transformation and holiday blessings for you.

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The last page is my Christmas Card and Gift.

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