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 Happy All Hallows Eve!


Tonight I’ll be chatting with my dearly departed and we’ll have a banquet.

The veil is thinning and I am looking forward to a good family gathering with my dear departed.

This All Hallows Eve for me will be a musical evening, playing my drum and marimba, listening, praying and playing. I want to make it a celebration of our infinite joy and wonder.

Let your heart guide you. Let your dreams guide you. What is in your heart or dreams lately? What do you want to do? What is your intuition telling you?

This is the best way to connect to the dead and be a bridge between the living and the dead in a way that allows healing, karmic cleansing and spiritual evolution.

How do you do an altar for the Dead?

dayofthedead-altar-yardI’ll make an altar for the dead in a small table I reserve for seasonal altars. I’ll cover it with a very bright fabric. Besides it I will hang a large skeleton I keep for this celebration, and I’ll dress it in bright colors. This is the way I celebrate the fact that life goes on and that we are eternal. It’s the humor that I learned in Mexico and the way they celebrate their “Muertitos” (Dearly Departed).

~ I will place plenty of candles, colors and candies -the three C’s that they like.

~ I’ll add photos from my dearly departed.

~ Other good stuff to put are flowers, pumpkins and incense.

~ Find more ideas in the free Halloween Gift below.

Dia-del-Los-Muertos-Francisco-CabelloSo what do you talk about with the Dead?

One thing is sure: you save a lot in phone bills when you talk to the dead, because you don’t need any device! LOL!

All you need is to clear your mind and connect to your heart and receive them in your heart and home, letting you know that you are listening.

Tonight I’ll be hearing what they need from me in order to ascend, clean their karmic footprints or do their new tasks in this or other dimensions.

Tonight I’ll be finishing unfinished business with my dearly departed.

Tonight I’ll be sharing with them what I’d like them to support me with.

Just like in Thanksgiving we seat at the table with our loved ones who are still incarnated and give thanks for each other, tonight we seat at the table with our loved ones who are no longer limited by their bodies, who are pure consciousness, and we give thanks for each other.


There’s nothing spooky about that.


dayofthedead-makeup-Denali B

For me and for many Latinos and other cultures around the world, All Hallows Eve is not a masquerade, but a holy day in which the veil between the living and the dead is thinned out for us to communicate.

But if you want to have some fun and dress up, that’s perfectly fine.

Spirits love a sense of humor.



Remember and Honor the Dead Today.


Just remember your departed loved ones.

Remember those who died in 9/11 and other disasters.

Remember those who have died in the wars we are fighting, and let us both, the living and the dead, pray for peace and wellbeing among all living beings.

My Halloween Gift for you

And here’s a gift with some ideas on how to create an Altar for the Dead, solve unfinished business with the dearly departed and have an abundant All Hallows Dinner or ritual.

Here’s the PDF. Enjoy!


All Hallows Eve-2013

Click to download the PDF.

 Happy Halloween!

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