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Q&A with the Dream Alchemist

I’m worried that I can’t afford to get your help!


Today’s question comes from a beautiful woman whose soul is crying to embody her purpose and live a life of meaning. She is referring to my new group: Dream Crossover MasterSoul Group (beta). She took a courtesy session with me and I gave her a conscious living ritual called “Place the Horse before the Cart” to enable her to join the group. I’ve changed some of the question and circumstances to keep her identity anonymous , so let’s call her “Longing Heart”


“What is the latest news on the group?  How much is the early bird discount? I’m worried that I may not be able to cover it and want to know the fee as soon as possible. Also, I can see a possible schedule conflict about being in the group for live evening meetings. My computer pretty much died and I’m using a laptop someone gave me, but I don’t have access to the outlook email where I kept all the links. I hope you will be able to let me know the amount to register without the registration page since I don’t have access to any of that info.  I’m doing the horse before the cart meditation you gave me, so I hope that this will unfold and I will be able to attend the group. Thanks, Longing Heart.”

My Answer

I’m sorry to hear about your computer disaster. It seems that is time for a radical overhaul. You need to buy a new computer, honey!

I’m glad you are doing the horse and cart mediation, but just in this conversation, you are giving away your power to money. The way you do this is by focusing on the price from a place of lack. I can just feel your fear, your worry that you won’t be able to afford it. This is the vibration you are constantly placing in your relationships with money.

I’ve been there, and I understand. It’s hard to have a different vibration when you really don’t have money! I remember when I lost all I had and was pretty much homeless. I didn’t even have a bank account. I couldn’t afford things like a cup of coffee with a friend, things everyone takes for granted. So I’m talking as someone who knows first hand what it means to (really) not have money and to want to do something that requires it. But as long as you give away your power to the channels, and not to THE SOURCE, you are cutting the flow of money that is already coming to you.

The Horse Before the Cart Ritual

The idea of placing the horse=(Your heart’s intent) in front of the cart=(desired experience, goals, results or resources to do this, like money) is to focus on your desire, gratitude, faith and joy and allow those extraordinarily powerful forces to attract the means. Emotions are the fuel of the Law of Attraction because they are electromagnetic waves intrinsically connected to desires, intent, thoughts or beliefs (which are the blueprint). They are also vibrational frequencies, and this is a vibrational universe that attracts matching vibrations.

Your heart is the source of intent, and this is much stronger than any will power. Will power is limited, and in any given day, it dwindles as you use your energy. Intent is evergreen and does not weaken because it comes from your Soul and is directly connected to The Source.

Finally, your Sacred Heart is directly connected to Divine Source. This is where money comes from. Heck! This is where everything comes from!! But let’s stick to money in this conversation. I know that your logical mind tells you that money comes from the people who pay, maintain or help you or from the actions you take to generate it, such as work, investment, etc. This is only partially true. It is true in the social order of things. It is true in the implementation or Sacred Masculine way of operating, which you will discover shortly.

But at the spiritual level, at the energy level, at the very foundation of how things are created in this universe; money does not come from your job, your husband, the lotto, your clients, your parents or anywhere else. These are channels through which Divine Source flows the money to you.

When you give away your power to these channels, you place the cart before the horse. Why? Because you begin to focus and worry about a particular channel. The channel is limited to its particular circumstances. If it’s a job, it’s limited to your paycheck. If it’s a husband, it’s limited to what he wants and can give you. If it’s a parent, the same. If it’s your clients, then it’s limited to the number of clients and what they can pay. All channels are limited. But The Source is not. The Source has infinite abundance available and infinite channels to flow it through.

The meaning of the “Place the Horse before the Cart” ritual is this:

When you focus on your heart, your intention, your desire, your commitment, and give your power to this, a miraculous shift takes place. You align with your direct connection to Divine Source. You are in a state of Grace. As a result, Divine Source can flow the money directly to you through channels that you could not even imagine right now.

This act of allowing your heart to lead and aligning with Divine Source is the first step.

It is the first step to change two essential elements in your life: Personal Identity and Vibrational Frequency. I can’t go into this here (Though I will be working with you in this in the Dream Crossover MasterSoul Group.) What you need to know for now is that both ~your Personal Identity and your Vibrational Frequency  are crucial in what you are lacking or attracting.

The reason you need to listen to your heart and reconnect directly to Source is that right now what you are feeling is a Spiritual  Activation. You are being activated with a BIG call, an urgent call from Spirit to do the purpose you came here to do, to gather, integrate and express your unique gifts and to step into your greatness.

Thousands, perhaps millions of people around the world are being activated. There are power spots around the world being activated and the leaders in this power spots are being summoned very powerfully to activate their leadership to help in Humanity’s Big Shift into another stage of evolution.

That’s why you feel an urgency. That’s why your heart is hurting. That’s why the call feels so BIG that is scary. You are part of the new spiritual leadership that will carry us to our next evolutionary stage.

The good news is that just as the call is powerful, the help available to you is also awesome. You are being charged with a powerful flow of intention and energy from the Earth and the Universe to respond and to do this job.

So here’s how to respond to this call right now, so that you can breakthrough your limitations enough that you can engage my help to assume your place in this shift.


The first two steps for you right now are:

  1. Focus on your heart’s intention. Llistening to your Soul and honoring it’s truth reconnects you to Divine Source.  
  2. Feel gratitude and joy for who you are right now and for your gifts and purpose. This changes your Vibrational Frequency.


Taking this step is a transformation that is the transportation out of your limitations and into your destination!

My Story

When I lost everything, found myself homeless and took refuge in a friend’s spare room, I had Zero money. No bank account. Not even tools for my art or supplies for my writing. I was in Zero. That’s when I learn the Power of Zero. When you are in the Place of Zero, you stand directly on your faith, your gifts, your Personal Power and your connection to Source. There’s nothing else to distract you.

I was looking at my empty hands and said: “I have nothing, after working so hard for so many years, my hands are empty!”

Then my Spiritual Guidance asked me to look at my hands again. I did, still complaining, because the “fact” was that they were empty.

And that’s when I realized that this “fact” was just my perception of myself as a victim, my perception that my power resided outside me, in money, tools, supplies, etc.

If I have no money and I therefore believe that I have no power to do something, where do I believe my power comes from? From money! I am giving away my power to money!

But when I looked at my hands with faith, with the certainty that my Spirit Guides knew better and I should follow their instructions, I SAW that my hands were NOT empty. I saw the lines of my hands and realized that these were the trails of my life, talents, purpose and choices.

It stroke me as an illumination: “My hands are not empty. They are overflowing with all the talents, gifts, skills, experiences, love and wisdom that I’ve been given and that I’ve developed in my life. I hold infinite riches in my hands!”

That shift of perception allowed me to open my business, and I went from homeless to CEO of my own corporation, where I create products, event and services through which I deliver my gifts and purpose to the world.

Shortly after I made that shift and decided to open my business, I receive a totally unexpected and miraculous check for $10,000 that came out of nowhere, for I could have never foreseen money coming from that channel.

But the Divine has infinite channels, you see. More than you can ever imagine now.

Your Sacred Self already has everything you need to fulfill your purpose, and the means to generate any tool or resource with the help of your co-creation partner: Divinity.

In reality, that is what we have all the time: Our Sacred Self and its connection to Divinity. Everything else can be taken away, fade away, be destroyed. But our Sacred Self and its connection to Divinity is eternal and all-powerful.


Your third step, then is to open your mind, heart and hands to receive your money directly from Divine Source and do not worry or try to figure out the channels with your tiny mind. Divine Source has infinite channels.


The Inner Divorce

As long as you are afraid that you won’t be able to afford it… then you won’t!

Let me ask you something. Do you want to stay inside this limitation forever? No? Then, are you willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES (ethically) to free yourself? That’s the energy, the intent you need to sustain, and this leads not to worry, but to a simple, but powerful question:

HOW can I get the money?

Place yourself in that vibration, and you will easily come up with the miraculous fee I’m charging just for the 2014 beta group: $197 a month (From $245) and the registration fee of $595 is WAIVED if you act now.  And I’ve decided to move the start of the group to May 29th, so you even have more time!

For those reading this, if you want to know more about this group, go here: http://dreamcrossover.com (Only for women.)

Your Queen (Soul, Heart) wants you queendom to be a life with meaning where you embody your purpose .She is hurting, longing and frustrated with the divided, unfulfilled life you are living. She needs to fulfill her purpose and live in joyful service before she dies. This is an essential need of your Soul. It is what is causing your feelings of emptiness, longing, frustration and dissatisfaction.

This is your Sacred Feminine. My question is:

Where is your Sacred Masculine?

The Knight is Your Sacred Masculine. This includes:

  • Your logical, analytical mind
  • Your expertise and  know-how
  • Your will power and power of concentration
  • Your aggressive force
  • Your experience of the world and how to operate in the world
  • Your Executive ability to build, repair and implement

The Knight is charged with coming up with solutions in the world, with going out there and making the Queen’s command a reality. The Sacred Masculine is about building, implementing, strategizing, coming up with plans, getting tools and using them, going out in the world and taking action, with making it happen.

If your Knight is asleep on the job, your Queen has no army. She is wishing, but she is not implementing her desire in the world.

Wake your Sacred Masculine up!

Send the Knight into the world to do the Queen’s bidding.


Here are some questions for you:

  • Right now, where is your Sacred Masculine engaged? Where is his energy, attention, time and resources focused?
  • Who’s bidding is he doing? Yours or someone else’s?
  • How is he employing your time and what are you getting for it?
  • For whom is he making money or how is he repelling it?
  • How is he using your talents, skills, experiences and resources? (You do know that you have them, right?)
  • What benefits are you obtaining from this?
  • Is your Sacred Masculine honoring and fulfilling your desires as Queen of your life? Does he listen? Does he value what your heart desires and your soul longs for? Does he honor your creativity, intuition, values and purpose? Or does he sabotage all this, invalidating your Sacred Feminine because he thinks it’s a lot of hogwash.
  • Is the Knight loyal to the Queen or is he out there, betraying his Queen, working for someone else, even the enemy of the queendom?

The reason I ask you these questions is because I’ve observed that many women are suffering from an Inner Divorce between the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. This Inner Divorce steals the skills of the Knight from the Queen, who is left seating at the foot of her empty throne, waiting for a Prince Charming (in whatever form this takes for you) to assume authority of her queendom.

Look at any field out there. It’s the 21st century, and still women are paid less, their numbers dwindle as the visibility or prestige in their chosen field goes up, and they are rare in the big stages. You are not alone, and the limitation you suffer is the path you need to walk to restore the balance of the Sacred Feminine not only in YOUR life, but in society.

  • When your faith has no arms or legs to go out into the world, your Knight is not working for you.
  • When you wish to do something badly, but do not take action, create strategy, make a plan and find a way to do it, your Knight is not working for you.
  • When you keep waiting for something to take you out of your limitations, but you do not make a plan and take action, your Knight is not working for you.
  • When you don’t even see the power, resources, skills, and value you have, and are therefore using it for others without benefit to you or at the detriment of what your Soul wants, your Knight is working for someone else.
  • When you don’t see how to use your time, energy and attention towards your own purpose, desires and happiness, your Knight is not listening to you.


Your fourth step is to  seat your Soul (Queen) in your Throne of Authority, wake your Sacred Masculine, and allow your Soul to give clear instructions to your Knight to find a way to make or get this money now, and then allow your Sacred Masculine to take action on behalf of your soul.


Your Old Systems are not Working

Your computer breakdown is a sign from the universe that the systems you are using are breaking down, are too old for the intent of your soul. It’s time for a massive overhaul, not just of your computer, but of the way you are living in regards to your purpose and money.

Become aware of the programming in your hard drive.

What is stealing your power to take actions on behalf of your Soul? What is blinding you to your own resources: time, energy, attention, skills? What is caging you in the current circumstances? What invisible beliefs, thoughts and learned emotions are running your life?

How to fix the hard drive

When you have internal beliefs that are running against your current desires and goals, you suffer from neural dissonance and you are burning a lot of your mental power in this Inner War.

You want to come down to your heart and give the command of your life to your Queen, your Soul.  Source your truth from your Soul. Surrender your mental plans to Divine Source and your  Soul Compass. When you do this, your vibration changes and you are able to see what you were missing, to hear Divine Guidance and to know the path of action to take. Then you can instruct your Knight!

You do have the power. You are using it right now. Look at the results you have. What are you feeding with your emotions, energy, time and attention? How are you using your talents and skills? Who (or what) are you really, at an emotional level, working for?

When you begin to see these things, you will become aware of how you are using your power right now and why you do not have the money, and you will be able to release this scarcity and victimhood vibration and assume your authority over your Queendom, re-aligning your Knight in the service of your soul.


Your fifth step is to stop doing what you always do, in automatic. Stop the World! Become aware of the scripts running in your mind. The thoughts that create doubt. The roles you are playing. The programming you are following. Release that program and allow Soul to reset your programming. Soul works intuitively, and your mind will scream and kick trying to gain control. But trust your Soul and your heart and follow your bliss.


Interest Vs. Commitment

I FEEL your urgency and desire. But wanting is the first step. It is not the power that manifests. You must transform your wish into your commitment.

The difference between wishing or being interested and INTENDING and being COMMITTED is that when you are interested, you will try. (Trying means doing something that will fail). You fail because you will find all the problems, focus on them, feel the discomfort of overcoming them and give up to go back to your Comfort Zone.

That’s what you are doing right now. In this short conversation, you focused on not having the money and then on not being able to fit your schedule for the night of the meetings.

Then you allowed your mind to sabotage you by telling you that you did not have access to the page because the information was “trapped” in your email. The reality is that you know my URL, my blog, can find me in Facebook, etc. That’s how the “logical mind” throws traps that seem reasonable to distract us, blind-sight us or defeat us. The truth is that when we truly want to do something, we find the means to do it, Google the URL and find the page.

To your credit, you did take action and called me in Skype, which means that you do have the ability RIGHT NOW to command your Sacred Masculine to take action.

Wanting and being interested are lukewarm vibrations that do not have the potency to manifest, to overcome adversity and transmute obstacles into stepping stones. This can only be done through commitment.

Being committed means that no problem will stop you. You will find ways to solve the problem, whatever it takes.



Your sixth step is to step up from wanting to being committed. You’ve already crowned your Soul as Queen and she is seating in your Throne of Authority. Now you play alliance to your Soul. From now on, your Soul’s purpose and intent is your life’s commitment. From now on, you are impeccable in carrying on your Soul’s intent.


Here’s a summary of the six steps to get out of your limitations and find the money to move forward:


1. Focus on your heart’s intention, listening to your Soul and honoring it’s truth reconnects you to Divine Source.

2. Love and accept yourself as you are right now, right here. Feel gratitude and joy for who you are and for your gifts and purpose. This changes your Vibrational Frequency and begins to release the limitations from your Primary Identity.

3. Open your mind, heart and hands to receive your money directly from source and do not worry or try to figure out the channels with your tiny mind. Divine Source has infinite channels.

4. Your fourth step is to  seat your Soul (Queen) in your Throne of Authority, wake your Sacred Masculine, and allow your Soul to give clear instructions to your Knight to find a way to make or get this money now, and then allow your Sacred Masculine to take action on behalf of your soul.

5. Your fifth step is to stop doing what you always do, in automatic. Stop the World! Become aware of the scripts running in your mind. The thoughts that create doubt. The roles you are playing. The programming you are following. Release that program and allow Soul to reset your programming. Soul works intuitively, and your mind will scream and kick trying to gain control. But trust your Soul and your heart and follow your bliss.

6. Step up from wanting to being committed. You do this by  playing your alliance to your Soul as the Queen of your Life.  Your Soul’s intent becomes your life’s commitment. There is no quitting. There is no other choice but to make it happen. You will do whatever it takes (ethically) and you WILL find a way (that’s when your Sacred Masculine comes very handy. That’s the job of your Knight.)

What are you thinking right now?

Let me see if I can guess what you are thinking now:

“Gee, Maria, if I could do all of this by myself, I would not need your services!” LOL!!!

I know. I know.

But awareness, acceptance, emotions and intent are powerful forces, my friend.

In knowing the steps to overcome your scarcity trap and INTENDING to free yourself from it using these steps, you initiate a shift of perception and positioning that starts the wheel of your Personal Power.

In being aware when your programming is running and trapping you in the same old responses and in SHIFTING from fear and scarcity to gratitude and from “poor me, I don’t have money” to “I am one with the Divine Source of Abundance and I receive the money being sent to me right now” you begin to take off the Domestication Rags (Primary Identity) that’s keeping you in the scarcity vibration and you begin to tap into your Divine Self.

Lastly, in summoning your Knight to DO something about it ~even if it doesn’t seem to work or you are not sure~ you wake up your Sacred Masculine and engage that power in mobilizing your resources towards your desire.

However incomplete, ineffective or wavering these steps are~ by being aware of them and intending them you WILL see enough change to overcome the inertia of where you are at…

…the rest we’ll do together in the Dream Crossover MasterSoul Group!

See you soon!


This is a mini-course that I give you at no cost, with love, to help you in the alchemy you need to generate so that you can take this foundational step into your dream.

For those reading this Q&A, if you realize that you are in a similar situation and this has helped, if you do the shift explained here and decide to engage my help, then contact me for a courtesy session here.


With tough love, which is overflowing love ~

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

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