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So here you are, full of dreams, with great goals and feeling like the dog trying to bite its tail. What’s going on?

You are here, but you want to be there.

You are in the messy place; in that in-between world where part of you longs for your dream so badly and part of you resists it equally furiously. One step forward and two steps back. One leap, and then you hold back. It’s driving you crazy!

Then you begin to doubt.

  • “If I were a good business person, I’d be rich by now.”
  • “If I were really a good artist, I’d be invited to show my work in X gallery by now.”
  • “If I were really an expert, I’d have my act together by now.”
  • “If I were really a good writer, I’d be published by now.”
  • “If I were really lovable, I’d have a partner by now.”

And so on.

Now “here” becomes a lesser place, the wrong place to be. Here becomes a proof of failure.

You resist being where you are and push yourself forward, but in doing so you are judging yourself. You are rejecting yourself. You are punishing yourself. Therefore, you are sabotaging yourself and your worth.

But you are doing something else.

You are confusing where you are at with who you are.

Now I’m going to say something that may sound outrageous to you, but trust me just a little to fly with me this once:

  • The fact that you are not rich now does not mean that you are not a prosperous person.
  • The fact that you are not famous now does not mean that you are not a notable person.
  • The fact that you are not perfect now does not mean that you are not an expert in your field.
  • The fact that you are not published now does not mean that you are nor a good writer with a great message to your audience.
  • The fact that you don’t have a lover now does not mean that you are not a lovable person.

Let me share a story to clarify these apparently contradictory statements, before your head explodes.

Jane Doe started a business two years ago to offer her inspirational and motivational events and writings. She made a 100% commitment to make a living from her purpose. During these two years, Jane has been learning business stuff and creating the structure and systems to be able to generate and flow income, though she is barely generating cash. In this process, Jane realized that she had serious issues with money and has been healing these wounds so that she can marry spirituality, creativity and prosperity. Nevertheless it’s been very hard to make money and Jane Doe has not produced enough income or visibility in her two-year old business yet.

One day Jane Doe goes out, plays the lotto and hits that one in a million chance, winning 5 million dollars. In a couple of months, Jane Doe is a multi-millionaire.

Is Jane Doe more of an expert now? Is she a successful business person now? Are her writings more valuable now? Is she more valuable now?

What has changed?

Only her circumstance has changed. Part of her goal was to make money and now she has money. But just as easily as this money showed up, it could go. The circumstance by itself does not empower Jane. It does not make her more or less valuable or successful.

Remember: Jane’s goal was to make money by sharing her life purpose.

Many of us give our power away to money or success and make this result the measure of our value.

Jane has changed, however. Not because she has money now; but  because in her two-year start-up she has created structures and systems for her business to succeed. She has learned how to run a business. And she has healed her money issues. This process, this growth, had not yielded the results Jane wanted yet, but it has empowered her to create it.

As a result of this growth, she can use that “luck” money responsibly. She knows exactly where to put it in her business to make a difference. In one year, her business is in the 6-figures and Jane is a best-selling writer and famous expert.

What was the key factor? The circumstantial change? The money? Or Jane’s internal choices and growth?

Thousands of people hit the lotto each year and are poor two years later, some in worst condition than before. They got money, but they did not change their relationship with money or empowered themselves to know how to generate money.

But during the time that Jane was financially in zero, she was increasing her power to hold, make and grow her money from her purpose. She was building her prosperity even then. She was a prosperous person then, even if she did not have money, because she was creating a prosperous mindset and structure for her life.

Now Jane knows how to make money from sharing her purpose, and where we to change this story and erase the day she won the lotto, she would be making money sooner than later because she learned how to transform her purpose into a source of income and worked on it consistently every day, eliminating the learned limitations that held her back. This is what makes her prosperous, not a specific result or circumstance.

Your circumstances can change overnight. But circumstances do not define you. They neither diminish nor increase your value or power. Only your internal growth, the value you feel within yourself and the choices you make each day can make you the Master Artist of your Life Masterpiece.




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