Jul 132012
Not there yet? Are you swimming against the tide?

So you are not where you should be

at this stage of your life…

Are you swimming against the tide?


  • Why are others getting the good contracts while you struggle to stay afloat?
  • Why are others with equal or less talent shining bright, visible and credible among the top tier of your field, while you fight to get a gig?
  • Why are you still NOT there, in spite of all your hard work?
  • What’s wrong with you? What do you lack that others have? You should be farther ahead at this stage of your life.

This is what you ask yourself deep down in your heart when you see yourself where you are right now, your goals so far away.

You punish yourself with judgment. You compare yourself to others who are farther ahead. You may act tough and give yourself a pep talk, but secretly you begin to feel like a failure. You begin to ask yourself

—“What’s wrong with me? I’m already 30 (or 40 or 50) and my dream/purpose/goal is nowhere in sight.”

You begin to wonder if you should not give up on your dreams and settle down into a secure job that pays the rent, like so many of your friends tell you. You feel burnout, left out and like a little kid who’s been left out of the game.

Do you feel like a swimmer who has been swimming against the tide for days, her strength dwindling, but the shore keeps receding? Do you feel the pull back and under, but can’t quite find what is pulling you back?

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