Jun 122012

Words of wisdom

Fear is the true obstacle

You are part of creation, and your Creation Partner is all of life, including friends and foes, earth and nature, allies and resources and even the obstacles on your path. The true obstacle, however, is fear.

What is blocking your ability to listen to the allies and counsel of your sacred Creation Partners? Fear. What is blocking your vision and the ability to see opportunities? Fear. What is blocking your own wisdom and creativity? Fear again.

Fear is a bully. It creates a racket to intimidate you. The more noise in your head, the more fear in your heart.

What can you do? Empty your mind and shift to love. Open your being, your heart, the crown of your head, your empty mind to receive the highest frequency of love you can run through your system. Receive the light of love from the Divine. Allow it to wash away fear.

Now listen. God speaks in that silence.

And God speaks through you.

This does not mean that you are right. That you are better.

What it means that when you speak your personal truth, share your unique gifts, express our particular perspective of a situation; God is speaking through you. An aspect of divine wisdom is being expressed through you.

If we all listen to each other, God’s infinite wisdom becomes apparent and each of us becomes a gem in the radiant jewel of Divinity.

You have a right and a duty to speak your truth not because it’s better, but because it is part of Divine Design and needed to complete the whole picture.

Ask for God’s grace to clear the pathways of your voice and allow it to come out into the world.

You are praising God when you speak thus.



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