Feb 112012
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Self-love day is February 13. That’s Monday. What are you going to do that day for yourself? How about falling in love with yourself? Here are some ideas:

  • Make a date with yourself: Take yourself out to an outing that you enjoy. It may be something with you love to do, and can enjoy alone, but perhaps your significant other or friends don’t often want to do it. Ideas? Ice skating, going to see your favorite movie, eating your favorite food at your favorite restaurant, seeing a fantastic show. Dress up (or dress down) according to what you want. Treat yourself like a Queen. Enjoy your own company!
  • Spa Day: You can do this alone or with a group of girlfriends (can get a discount as a group). Go for a fabulous treat on a spa. Make sure to get your favorite type of massage. Then from there, depending on your budget and preferences, include a reflexology massage, a cleansing or detox, a facial, etc. Let someone take care of you. Be pampered. Feel like the Goddess you are!
  • Self-celebration Ceremony: Plan a ceremony of self-celebration. You can do this alone or with a close girlfriend or two. Write down your basic goodness, organic talents, spiritual graces, contributions to the world, how you impact your friends, etc. Then create a beautiful altar that embodies all of this. A candle in the center stands for your soul. Looking into the mirror, read your self-celebration card or paper. Then receive your own gift. If others join, they can all confirm what each reads, applaud and cheer and give each person a gift representing what she brings to others.
  • Self-love Festival: You can do this online or locally. Plan a whole day of self-love activities. This whole day is to please and celebrate you. Do your favorite things. Go to your favorite places. Check out uplifting, inspirational, dream-enhancing activities for yourself. For online festivals, search on the internet for self-love and watch videos, download audios, read articles, etc. Here are some ideas for your Self-love Festival: Enroll in a class or workshop of something you’ve been wanting to learn or cultivate for a long time. Get out all your favorite dance music and dance until dawn. Dress up with that dress you bought and have never been able to wear and give yourself a fantastic night out or in.
  • Musical meditation: Get out your drum, harp, tibetan bowl, shakers, rainstick, guitar or other favorite musical instruments and go deep into a trance of self-love feelings. Improvise songs to yourself. Sing to your body to heal and energize it. Listen deeply to the music within you and let it out! You will feel renewed and glowing.

Love yourself. You deserve it!

Celebrating self-love on February 13 will make your Valentine day more magical, too.


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  • http://happysexylife.com/ Merry

    I’m a strong proponent of self-love. Happy to come across another who’s like-minded!

    • http://www.dreamalchemist.com mariamar

      Hi, Merry, I love your Happiness is Sexy slogan. I totally agree. You and I have much in common in the work we do with women. I invite you to join my self-love fan page at http://www.facebook.com/selflovegiveaway. I’m planning a series of interviews to self-love experts and would love to interview you. Check it out and let’s keep the networking going.